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“Every time I tried to leave, he would scare me into staying…”

LaToya Ali is spiling all about her divorce from her ex-husband Adam Ali and the details are SHOCKING.

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The YouTuber turned Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently uploaded two videos to the YouTube channel she shares with her new boyfriend and in them, she’s explaining why she divorced her ex after six years of marriage, three children, and alleged physical, mental and emotional abuse.

According to LaToya, she and Adam moved quickly at the start of their relationship and got married in a condo without a formal ceremony after she got pregnant with their daughter. Later in 2015 when LaToya was pregnant with their second child, Zayn, that’s when LaToya alleges that things took a downward turn.

“I was a party girl, I was always going out with friends, drinking every single weekend and I ended up pregnant with my son Zayn,” said LaToya on YouTube.”His reaction was something that I never expected in my entire life. He said ‘You need to get rid of that baby! I hate you I don’t want to be with you, you know you’re not the woman that I know! I don’t even know why you’re keeping this baby, how dare you ruin my life like this!'”

“I feel like that was the start of the downward spiral. He was upset that I was pregnant because he felt like it was too soon and the child may have issues because I was drinking. It just got toxic from there.”

She also detailed a scary incident when Adam found out that she cheated on him by “getting physical with a man” on a cruise and choked her in front of their kids.

“He grabbed my legs and pulled me, like drug me off the bed, he picked me up, shoved me against the wall and he started to choke me,” said LaToya on YouTube. “And the kids ran into the room they started crying. They were saying ‘daddy take your hands off mommy! What are you doing?! You’re hurting mommy!'” I literally thought I was going to die that day.”

After getting away and running to get help, LaToya said she called her Aunt instead of the police because “she would never call the cops on a Black man.” They eventually reconciled after she came clean about the cheating, something she admits happened more than once.

“I didn’t feel connected to him at all, said LaToya. “I felt like we were great business partners.”

There’s LOTS more to unpack in the videos including LaToya alleging that Adam demanded full custody of their older children as well as alimony and him filing a restraining order against her because she bought a gun, put a GPS tracker on his car, and he thought she “hired a hitman” to kill him.

She also revealed that she believes her husband tricked her into her last pregnancy with their daughter Ayah after getting her blackout drunk and having sex with her without consent. 

“I believe that he purposely got me pregnant.[…] I was trying to leave and I ended up pregnant he knows my weakness is alcohol,” said LaToya. “We got extremely drunk with our friends, I completely blacked out. I didn’t even know if I had sex or not, I didn’t even know if we had intercourse or not. I was so gone for like two days. A few weeks later Adam comes to me and he’s like ‘I think you’re pregnant!’

She then said that Adam gave her a pregnancy test and he was excited to see that it was positive, calling it a “sign.” LaToya also made sure to note that she considers her youngest child, Aya, a blessing but she’s standing firm in her pregnancy “trap” claims.

“Although I love my children dearly, Ayah is a beautiful blessing. It was most definitely a trap that he would never admit to.”



This…is…a….mess and unfortunately, there’s much more.

Hit the flip for more of LaToya Ali’s accusations.

In addition to the YouTube videos, LaToya also called out her ex on her InstaStory and alleged that he’s trying to destroy her career.

LaToya’s alleging that Adam is hacking her phone and accounts and releasing things she doesn’t want public, like that “colorist” video that she apologized for earlier this year.

“Adam is the one who made my story time video for me allegedly being a “colorist” PUBLIC after I put my story times on private,” wrote LaToya on IG. “He wants to sabotage and destroy everything I have worked hard for. He hacks my accounts, my phones, my icloud, and records private conversations to try to hold against me. I’m so happy that I’m free from this abuse.”

LaToya also released a text allegedly from Adam where he’s threatening to ruin her rep so she’ll lose her position on #RHOA.

“U better be very careful. Remember I have you attacking me for twenty mins,” read one of the text. “You will lose RHOA 100%. Let’s not forget what transpired in the church too. Your truth is delusional and a lie. Ya lack the ability to take any ownership. Just running around. I’ll simply follow up and put it to rest. I overly defended you in this video coming out but talk your s***.”

She’s also alleging that at one point Adam called her new personal trainer boyfriend Von Rhe “gay, “and said; “Keep that gay guy, that bhatti boy away from my children!”

“I feel like Adam doesn’t know him through a hole in the wall, you don’t know what he has going on in his personal life,” said LaToya. “I was quite upset about that. This guy that I’m currently seeing, he has a lot of gay friends. He trains a lot of gay clients, just because he’s comfortable and confident in his own skin doesn’t mean he’s gay. I know for a fact he’s not. It’s horrible l that people try to attack “gay” as being something that’s wrong because it’s not. So I’m actually quite offended for the LGBTQ community that Adam would say such things. Let’s just say for example this guy has a gay history, what doe that even matter?  At the end of the day that’s something I’d have to go through and that’s something quite frankly that I’m okay with.”

Adam is pledging to respond on his own social media channels to LaToya’s allegations.

“This woman has always been messy and all I did was protect her,” wrote the YouTuber on his InstaStory. “She dabbles around the facts and truth. Takes no responsibility for her actions. Where is everyone? No one has survived her! I’ll tell the whole TRUTH today!

“You can buy a body, a house, your own Rollie too. But you CAN NEVER buy character or Aura. The soul knows!” he added.

He’s also claiming that although LaToya’s in a relationship, she’s been making advances towards him.

“She wishes I was a deadbeat dad. Will never happen! And she’s MAD because I declined all her advances at me. We are not equally yoked. Yes, my soul is not for sale!”


Watch more of LaToya Ali speaking on her divorce below.


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