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“Because if you are my friend … I want you to say, ‘Marlo, I f**ked up. I f**ked the damn stripper…”

Porsha Williams & Marlo Hampton

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Another day, another moment of #RHOA’s so-called “strippergate” being draaaaaagged out in headlines, this time by someone who’s pretty pissed at her ex-friend.

As previously reported Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams are at odds in part because of Marlo’s newly rekindled friendship with Kenya Moore.

Porsha thinks Marlo’s been “moving funny” ever since she and Kenya made amends especially since Marlo copied Kenya’s “It Wasn’t Me” social media hashtag regarding that Bolo strippergate threesome rumor. With that in mind, she’s convinced that Kenya’s been using “gullible” Marlo to “turn on her.” Now things have escalated even further and Porsha’s dubbed Marlo a “clout chaser” who “rode NeNe Leakes’ coattails.” She also recently sent prescription pill shade Marlo’s way.

“The thing about Marlo is I actually feel sorry for her. You know sometimes when you got lipo and you be on the pills, and you mix it with alcohol, that ain’t a good look,” said Porsha on Dish Nation. “So I’m gonna forgive her for that day, ’cause you know, mixing medication and alcohol, it don’t really work well,” she added.

After already dubbing Porsha’s comments a “new low”, Marlo fired back in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m like, OK, enough of me being quiet,” she says. “Marlo is coming back now. I’ve been over here quiet, but come on, b***h, I’m ready now! “

And in a video chat with the site, she called Porsha “fake” in part, because she won’t own up to allegedly having sex with Bolo The Entertainer during the Charleston girls trip.


Marlo thinks Porsha should’ve confided in her about the alleged sex she could keep the secret safe. Instead, she said that Porsha ignored her texts and she took offense to that.

“At the end of the day we know it’s bulls**t, I know you’re lying, OK?” she cracks. “I know you’re lying. Porsha is like, ‘No, it didn’t happen. If you were my friend, you wouldn’t have to ask that.’ If I was your friend, I would have been right in your room that next morning [in] South Carolina. You would have been on the phone talking to me, on the group texting situation.”

“When we got back from South Carolina, Porsha didn’t call me, I literally had my phone, I text her, ‘Hey, we need to talk off camera,'” Marlo recalls. “Because if you are my friend … I want you to say, ‘Marlo, I f**ked up. I f**ked the damn stripper. This b***h Kenya trying to be your friend. Hold me down, if you guys are making up…’ but at least let me know. At least you let me know.”

“I didn’t care if it was on camera off, I need to look you in your eyes and make sure Kenya is not just trying to really come over here, lie on you, befriend me and turn me against you,” she says. “Well, she can’t do that. But you’re not saying anything. You’re not taking up for yourself … and now I’m looking at you kind of funny.”

SIGH. C’mon Marlo, how P E T T Y can you be???

Also, we hope Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire [“and his thaaaang”] get a check for every time he’s mentioned in regards to #RHOA because this is getting ridiculous.


Marlo also responded to Porsha seemingly alluding to her past run-ins with the law while addressing a blowup they had in New Orleans. On The “RHOA After Show,” Porsha said that Marlo might be “dangerous” and Marlo told Entertainment Tonight that the comment was “distasteful.”


Marlo also ticked off past instances of Porsha being “dangerous” herself. 

“I felt that was so distasteful,” said Marlo. “Who would go and bring up someone’s past, over almost 20 years ago? How dangerous am I when you drug someone just a couple years ago off the couch? How dangerous am I when you fought [your friend] at [Todd Tucker’s] party in the alley when Kandi called you an aggressive lesbian? How dangerous am I when you kicked Cynthia on the boat? And all this happened within a five-year period. You’re talking about my things that happened over 15, 20 years ago, but guess what? You’re ‘here for social justice.’ You’re going to try and bring up my past so many years ago. And this all happened with you within the last five years? Come on, Porsha. Play nice. Play nice.”

There’s lots more shade thrown in the interview including Marlo alleging that Porsha’s “jealous”, Marlo alleging that Porsha “changed her whole face” and Marlo shadily saying that Porsha “should stop eating” or get liposuction like her.

“Porsha, now our friendship is ruined,” admitted Marlo. “It really hurts. Like, I’m mad. But honestly it really hurts.”

[If you care] you can read up on that uber messy, uber petty Marlo Vs. Porsha beef HERE.


Clearly, these two will have a LOT to unpack during the #RHOAReunion.

Will YOU be watching????



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