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Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of The United States At U.S. Capitol Inauguration Ceremony

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According to The Daily Beast, a Black woman from Miami Gardens, Florida named Niviane Petit Phelps has had a criminal complaint filed against her after she threatened to assassinate Vice President Kamala Harris shortly after she was inaugurated alongside Joe Biden on January 20 of this year. Inexplicably and incredulously, Phelps recorded videos of her threats and sent them to her INCARCERATED HUSBAND. When officials at the prison intercepted the criminal correspondence, they alerted the Secret Service, and less than two weeks later, agents were at her door.

“If I see you in the street, I’m gonna kill your @ss Kamala Harris,” Niviane Petit Phelps of Miami Gardens allegedly said in one. “I’m going to the gun range, just for your @ss,” Phelps reportedly said in another.

Oh, but there’s more. Much more. Another video with a February 18, 2021 timestamp had this message for the first Black, Asian-American woman to hold the executive office.

“50 days from today, mark this day down, stupid b!tc#, Kamala f**kin’ Harris vice president. You gonna f**kin’ die 50 days from today, I swear to f**kin’ God.”

These videos were sent to Phelps’s imprisoned spouse via the app “JPay” that allows free people to communicate with those who are in state-sanctioned bondage. Other photos that Phelps sent her bae show her smiling at the gun range next to a bullet-ridden target. Just days after sending these threats, Phelps applied for a concealed carry permit and that’s when the Men In Black showed up. During their interview, Phelps told agents that she was upset because she didn’t believe that Vice President Harris was “actually Black” and she hated the way that Harris held her purse at the inauguration…


Phelps went on to tell the agents that she was “past it” and didn’t want to carry out any of the things she said in the videos. She also said she had no plans to go to Washington, D.C.

“Didn’t you say we were going,” interjected Phelps’ daughter, to which Phelps immediately responded, “No, we’re not going.”

Please get this lady some help and get her off the streets before something terrible happens.



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