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Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts breaks down how he spent his first $1 Million after joining the NFL and getting his first big paycheck.

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Jalen Hurts is one of the most beloved rookies from the NFL’s 2020 Draft Class. In his last year as a college athlete, Jalen left the prestigious University Of Alabama, where he made his name and won national championships to try his luck at Oklahoma. While he didn’t take Oklahoma to a national title, his purchase was good enough to get him in the running for the Heisman trophy. He lost the voting to LSU’s undefeated quarterback Joe Burrow, but still, his hard work wasn’t overlooked. He was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2020 NFL Draft and completed his task of making it to the NFL.

With being a pro football player and most importantly a quarterback obviously comes a massive payday. Jalen signed a four-year, $6.2 million deal with the Eagles as a second-round pick. Jalen recently sat down with GQ Sports to talk about how he spent his first million–and his answers may surprise you.

Hurts shared that he spent almost $60,000 in charity including his work with Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a non-profit organization aimed at raising funds for childhood cancer research. He also set aside $70,000 to help his little sister out with tuition expenses.

“I haven’t really talked to anyone about this one yet – not even my parents or my sister – just in case she needs it in the future,” Hurts said. “She’s 16 now and she’s going to go to college one day. She’s going to do great things.”

What a good guy!

It might surprise you how frugal Hurts is with his spending. The man seriously plugged prepaid wireless service as a way to save money and not just any service: Straight-Talk wireless. Even with him trying to save money, he still takes care of his family and loved ones.

Elsewhere in the interview, the NFL star gushes about his upbringing in Houston, Texas, and recalls memories of his very first job as a lawnmower.

Check out the full breakdown of his spending below.



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