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Odell Beckham Jr

Source: (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) / Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, LSU finally brought home the college football national championship. Beside the talk of a perfect season and the success story of Joe Burrow, the main story was Odell Beckhams Jr’s behavior at the game.

While Odell didn’t do anything the masses would see as a major problem, you have to remember the NCAA’s number 1 goal is to make sure athletes do not get paid. A rule that LeBron James and California Governor are actively seeking to change. Student-athletes not receiving compensation has been a hot topic as of late and OBJ’s actions fueled the fire. After LSU won the game OBJ was seen on the field giving the good ole cash handshake. At the time many tried to turn this into the scandal of the year but reports surfaced the money was fake.

Here we are, 9 months later, and the NCAA has officially issued its punishment for Odell as they believe it was real money. Odell has been suspended from all LSU facilities for 2 years. Even after an arrest warrant was issued for him slapping an officers buttocks after the game, the money is the issue they have, when in reality, both actions weren’t malicious.

With the way LSU’s team is looking this season, Odell won’t have a reason to return to the campus to celebrate anything sports-related any time soon. In total, Odell handed out $2,000 to student-athletes who do not get paid while the NCAA prints money because of them.



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