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That finale tho

Last night’s highly anticipated “Snowfall” Season 4 Finale had the whole entire internet on edge with award-worthy writing brought to life by stellar performances that elevated the hit show into a pop-culture obsession in 2021.

“That Keyser Soze moment was really special,” said Damson Idris (Franklin Saint) in an interview with TVLineadmitting that the scene where he sheds his cane reminded him of THAT iconic moment in The Usual Suspects.

“The biggest thing for viewers was, ‘When are we going to get back to Franklin being well?'”

“He’s so vulnerable,” Idris continued.

“It created a great sense of tension. And Franklin knew that, too. To get to that final moment with Melody, it’s almost as if the job was done.

And he doesn’t need anyone to see him as being vulnerable anymore. He doesn’t need to be 10 steps ahead anymore. Now he can just focus on the business. And he realizes in that moment that he’s come full circle. That’s why it was special putting down that cane.”

With so many moving pieces around Franklin Saint (played immaculately by Damson Idris), it’s easy to compare the face of “Snowfall” to ‘Ghost’ at the height of his Godly reign on ‘Power.’

As far as those pesky ‘Wire’ comparisons that exploded after questionably opinioned media personality Mal Sparks of The Joe Budden Podcast said “Snowfall” is better than the iconic Drama, well, Michael Hyatt (who plays Franklin Saint’s mother Sissy on “Snowfall”) had this to say:

“Time will tell,” said Hyatt in an interview with TVLine.

“Think about it. We are sitting here in 2021 talking about The Wire, which started in 2002. That was almost 20 years ago. But we are still experiencing Snowfall and all that is happening on the series as it exists.”

How do you feel about the Season 4 finale? Tell us down below and peep the funniest of the Twitter hysteria on the flip.

“Cissy when she left Alton to die” – *falls down the stairs*

“LMAO Skully Say “Franklinnn, I Just Wanna Talk” – haaaaa

“Franklin mom walked away like” – *crumbles*

“My Boy Franklin dropped that cane on that ho*!” – ayeeeee

“That “You finna die” walk 😭💀” – seriously, why was she walking like that??

“Jerome just wanna sell speakers not CRACK” – this GIF tho

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“Leon tried to slither out the game after the coast was clear. Franklin was like AHT AHT” – got’emmmm

Skully walkin through the hospital:” – mannnnnn

“Well hello Cissy Saint” – THANGIN’

“How Franklin left his cane on Mel’s a**” – so satisfying

““Hey Mel” – yooooooo

“#Snowfall tonight was like” – accurate

“It’s so annoying how everybody got attitudes? Y’all sell CRACK what type of life y’all thought this would be? Now everybody in a mood.” – *cackles*

“What I expect from no cane Franklin next season whenever it drop” – oh you already know


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