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Someone absolutely has to be held responsible for this.

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Yesterday, we reported a story about a 6-year-old girl who was brutally paddled by the principal at Central Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida. The girl’s terrified mother secretly recorded the entire incident and now there are several investigations stemming from the viral video saying, “Nobody would have believed me. I sacrificed my daughter, so all parents can realize what’s happening in this school.” Today, we have more details about what transpired following the violent beating.

According to CNN, the girl was being “punished” for scratching a computer screen. There was no indication that this was done intentionally but the girl’s mother was told to bring $50 in restitution and to bear witness to the paddling in front of two other school staff members. The following day, April 14, Clewiston Police Department was contacted by Hendry Regional Medical Center stating that the mother was requesting a police report because of the injuries that the small child had suffered. That report has not been made public yet.

In our previous report, we mentioned that the mother was being investigated for neglect and the 6-year-old victim along with her two siblings had been secretly questioned by the Department of Child and Family Services about any abuse suffered in the home. We can’t help but wonder if the hospital staff thought the mother was lying about how the injuries occurred. If so, f**k that hospital. Hendry County District Schools Superintendent Michael Swindle is not making any statements about the status of the investigation.

“The situation is under investigation, at this time we have been advised to not give any statements.” Beverly Thompson, Administrative Secretary of Hendry County School Board, said in an email Tuesday.
The school district’s disciplinary policy does state that students may be subject to physical punishment for certain bad behavior.
“The Superintendent shall designate sanctions for the infractions of rules, excluding corporal punishment, which shall relate in kind and degree to the infraction, help the student learn to take responsibility for his/her actions, and be directed, where possible, to reduce the effects of any harm which may have been caused by the student’s misconduct. Principals shall have the authority to assign discipline to students, subject to Board policy, the administrative procedures of the Superintendent and to the student’s due process right to notice, hearing, and appeal.”
Rules are damned. If a teacher, principal, janitor, resource officer, or any other adult figure were to put hands or objects on our children, there would be some cotdamn furniture moving ’round that place.


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