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Birkin Baby back at it again

Well, it certainly appears that on-again/off-again boo thangs Lil Baby and Jayda are back on after the superstar rapper showered his beautiful baby mama with more Birkins and another new whip for Mother’s Day.

If you’ve been following the icy couple through their ups and downs, you know Baby goes all out for Jayda on holidays/special occasions where he’s showered her with countless Birkins and multiple cars between breakups.

Baby and Jayda are the proud parents of an adorably precocious 2-year-old named Loyal who partied with them at a lavishly decorated Mother’s Day event.

This latest barrage of gifts comes just months after their breakup stemming from a series of cheating allegations over the last several months. At the time, Jayda revealed to her followers that she’s had a hard time adjusting to being single for the first time in forever.

“I’ve been in relationships my whole life since high school. I don’t even know how to be single. I need to learn myself all over again.”

Jayda also put her customized Pink Jeep that Baby gifted her on the sales block citing “safety issues.”

“I was just getting rid of my Jeep because I had an incident one night while driving it. Nothing more, nothing less! Safety comes first,” she tweeted.

Naturally, Twitter scoffed at this explanation and ran with “she’s mad at Baby” speculation that subsided when she was spotted driving the Jeep again. And now, weeks later, it’s safe to say all is well between the young love birds.

Do you think Baby and Jayda are officially back together? Tell us down below and peep the pics/Twitter hysteria over Baby’s latest on the flip.

“He snap every year!!! You deserve it jayda you such a good mommy to loyal” – at this point, she has every Birkin ever made

“I want to know what car she gotttt😭😭💘💘 I just kno it’s raw!” – we know the IG flex is coming

“It’s the little things for me❤️ Happy Mother’s Day Jayda!” – whew, the floral arrangements

“Lil Baby when Jayda posted what he did for her on Mother’s Day” – welllll…

“Fasho I’m choosing my baby daddy wisely Jayda got every color birkin & car you can imagine” – that’s all it takes, huh?

“Lil baby can cheat on Jayda as many times as he wants and she take him back every time he buy her a new gift” – that’s very much her business

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“I’m sorry but there’s not no bag or car or jewelry that can make up for the disrespect and humiliation lil Baby has put Jayda through and you b*tches who fawn over that sh*t need to find a self esteem, quickly” – yiiiiikes

“An amazing mommy to loyal 💙 happy Mother’s Day again Jayda!!” – sooo cuteeee

“Happy Mother’s Day 2021 💖 nothing but love in the air” – we love to see it


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