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Texas House votes to pull funding from sports teams that choose not to play the National Anthem.

Flags of the United States and Texas

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Texas has been wilding for a year straight and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

During the pandemic, Texas pushed the limit in their race to reopen the state in a manner that almost seemed like a race between Greg Abbott and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for an imaginary super-spreader state award. Every anti-masker with money was quick to advertise they were moving from California to Texas, mostly because the state seemingly allows almost anything on their watch.

Just this month, Texas announced that the state is trying to put into action a law that would allow anyone to carry a handgun without needing permits or background checks. Unfortunately, this surprises absolutely no one who has been paying attention.

Now, The Hill is reporting that just yesterday, Texas legislators voted on another controversial bill to pull funding from sports teams who refuse to play the National Anthem.

According to Senate Bill 4, also called the “Star-Spangled Banner Protection Act,” professional sports teams would forfeit the opportunity to further receive state money and may be required to “repay any money paid to the team by this state or any governmental entity.”

The measure passed in the House by voice vote and is expected to head to Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) desk on Tuesday for approval. Opponents of the bill on Monday argued against the legislation, stating that it could be viewed as unconstitutional.

It’s absurd that in 2021, we are still talking about standing or sitting for the Anthem or playing it at all. With the American people still trying to get back to normal life during COVID-19, we should be focused and assisting them in that process. Yet here we are talking about sports teams playing a song before a game that the average person in the state of that team can’t afford to even attend.




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