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Akbar V, Alexis Skyy

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“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Akbar V is rubbing folks the wrong way on the internet after making nasty, and honestly uncalled-for comments about model Alexis Skyy’s child with disabilities, Alaiyah Grace, online.

The issue sparked after a video of Akbar V and Alexis almost coming to blows surfaced on the internet Monday. Apparently, the mothers got into some type of altercation while visiting the same club in Philadelphia. The video shows Akbar screaming at Alexis and Alexis being held back by what seems to be her entourage.

Akbar later explained in tweets that she had an issue with Alexis and Lira Galore (who was also present) and threatened that the women wouldn’t be “safe” when they came back to Atlanta. She says Lira thought she was “looking at her” at the club, sparking the tension. Akbar later suggested the women were using cocaine at the event.

In retaliation, Alexis told Akbar to worry about her five children and her career on social media. That’s when Akbar resorted to tearing down Alexis’ daughter who lives with disabilities:

“B*tch, you got a braindead baby,” she yelled, mentioning Skyy’s young daughter who was born with Hydrocephalus and went through numerous surgeries to save her life. “Your baby ain’t got brain. B*tch, you got a r*tarded child.”

Akbar received tons of backlash in the comments for talking about Alexis Skyy’s daughter. Alexis even went on live on Instagram and shed tears over the back and forth but instead of recanting, she went even FURTHER, doubling down on the disgraceful stance.

“No i said she’s the reason the baby is brain dead an ret*rded cause she snort cocaine she knew not to play with my kids and like i said when you play with mine I’m playing with yours. I’m not apologizing…. them tears are guilt tears …kids should never be brought up in anything ….. but don’t mention mines if u don’t want yours mention don’t bring up parenting hood if u don’t want yours mention period.”

Hours after going off on Twitter, Akbar seemed to recant using the “R” word unapologetically, tweeting:

“Saying special needs should had been what i said not ret*rded.”

Seems like the damage has been done already….

What are YOUR thoughts on this situation?


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