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“She got a baby to prove that she was actively cheating…”

Falynn Guobadia and Simon Guobadia

Source: Real Housewives of Atlanta / Bravo

“What is dis, honey?!” *NeNe Leakes voice*

Simon Guobadia is far from finished blasting his estranged wife with allegations that she cheated and is currently pregnant. On Sunday the married businessman who’s engaged to Porsha Williams pettily posted [and deleted] a video of his “cheating wife” and her alleged lover Jaylan Banks on CCTV footage outside of his house. According to Simon, the two were trying to avoid security cameras while coming home together.

Simon, 57, also doubled down on the pregnancy claims and said that it’s “proof” that Falynn, 31, was “actively cheating.”

“When I say I have receipts of a cheating wife, this is what it looks like when Jaylan Duckworth (AKA Jaylan Banks) comes to my home on different days to sleep with my wife while I’m out of town in Miami,” Simon captioned the video. “Wait for the video showing them coming back to my home at the end of a night out trying to avoid front door cameras. The dumb f***s forgot the security cameras cover 360 degree view of the property. You cannot come on the property without being noticed by security cameras. Smdh. There are more receipts if needed.

Tell me how many husbands or wives should tolerate this type of behavior from their spouse?????. I filed for divorce a second time AFTER this video. She got a baby to prove that she was actively cheating.”

Messy! The time stamp on Simon’s video footage is especially interesting.

Court records show he initially filed for divorce from Falynn on Jan. 15 but ultimately dismissed his divorce complaint on January 21.

Later, on Valentine’s Day Simon posted Falynn on his Instagram with a message about “fighting for love”—but on February 19 he filed for divorce again. The time stamp on the “cheating” video that Simon shared reads February 16, 2021.

All the while Simon’s been shading Falynn, the other man in this controversy, Jaylan, whom Simon alleges fathered Falynn’s unborn child, has remained silent.


He’s broken his silence however and he’s proclaiming his innocence; hit the flip for his statement.

Jaylan Banks wants to make it clear that he and Falynn are just friends, besties at that, and at the time of the video he was staying in Simon and Falynn’s home where he had private living quarters.


Jaylan is adamant that Simon was well aware that he was staying in the house so no, he wasn’t “sneaking in” to sleep with the businessman’s wife.

Moreover, despite Simon’s claims that he impregnated the reality star, Jaylan told TheShadeRoom that he’s just Falynn’s assistant. He also alleged that Simon shadily up and left Falynn at home to tend to five children by herself.

Falynn has three sons that she welcomed before marrying Simon and she was apparently caring for two of Simon’s five children while he unceremoniously left for Costa Rica.

“This is not news to Simon. He has taken some random footage that Falynn has access to as well and has spinned it into lies,” Jaylan said of Simon’s alleged receipts to TheShadeRoom.

Starting back from the beginning of their messy separation, Jaylan claims Simon left Falynn on Valentine’s Day morning to go to Miami and Costa Rica for two months and says he told Falynn AFTER he left.

Jaylan adds that Falynn was left to care for Simon’s two special needs children along with her own children, caring for a total of five boys by herself.

Jaylan also told TheShadeRoom the video Simon shared is of the side door of their home that was broken and that “Falynn explained to Simon several times that she was afraid for their safety.”

“At that time, I was not only her best friend but also her assistant. I was there for a whole week (which Simon knew about). I even have my own quarters in the home which is located on the first floor down the hall from the kitchen,” Jaylan tells us. “I am very aware of all of the cameras that cover the home as I was present when the house was under construction.”

Jaylan adds that he had his own code to the house that Simon issued him.”


Jaylan also shared text messages showing that Simon was “comfortable” having him around. Swipe to see them. 


In the midst of all the messiness people are trying to make sense of the situation and coming up with different theories. One such theory is that the couple was actually polyamorous. 

Sources close to LoveBScott are alleging that Simon and Falynn wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship and “were always looking for a third person.” Could that third person have been Jaylan?

“From the situation unfolding, it looks like Falynn and Jaylan may have gotten a little too close for comfort and ended up breaking the rules of their arrangement,” reports LoveBScott.

What do YOU think about all this Simon/Falynn/Jaylan messiness? Porsha’s been completely quiet amid her fiancé continuing to “out” his wife.


Mind you there’s more to come, Falynn’s Simon triggering tell-all will be released on YouTube on Thursday, June 10.


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