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Another day, another bit of drama surrounding a “Married To Medicine” couple and a secret life coach. On Sunday’s episode of the Bravo show, viewers saw the ladies travel to Jekyll Island and a blowup between Lisa Nicole Cloud and Dr. Heavenly [again].

Not only that, they saw Dr. Contessa speak on her marriage issues with Quad and Dr. Jackie two ladies who’ve been open about issues in their respective partnerships.

Scott and Contessa Metcalfe Ambitions cast and crew celebrate show premiere

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In particular, Contessa shared the big news that her husband Dr. Scott’s been secretly seeing a life coach for “7 or 8 months.” Scott confessed to secretly meeting with the coach, an unnamed woman he “found on the Internet”, while Contessa was openly meeting with her own. He added that he “hasn’t paid the coach a dime” even though the woman’s been giving him help.

When Contessa broke the life coach news to Quad and Jackie, the ladies were floored.

“He has been spending time with another woman for 7 months and you know nothing about this woman?” asked Quad who looked perplexed in a confessional.

Contessa added however that she doesn’t think he’s cheating…

“I don’t think he’s cheating. I’m just saying that’s another inappropriate relationship with a woman.”

but Dr. Jackie wasn’t convinced.

“Contessa’s been dropping these hints that something’s not right in their marriage,” says Dr. Jackie in a confessional. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And if she doesn’t do something now, it’s going to burn up. […] You can’t be happy with your head in the sand.”

Contessa added that her kids know that something’s awry in the marriage and her daughter Laila said flat out; “Daddy has a girlfriend!” “I have no idea [where she gets that from],” Contessa told Quad and Jackie.

Later, Contessa’s daughter makes the “girlfriend” comment again. “Today when we tried to call you, we told Siri “call daddy’s girlfriend and she said, ‘Which one?!'”

Contessa told her that the comment “wasn’t funny” while Scott was seen chuckling in the background…

and Twitter’s convinced that there’s more to the story.


So far it looks like Contessa, sticking by her man, and she’s remaining defiant, for now at least.


What do YOU think about Scott and Contessa’s life coach conundrum?


The “Married to Medicine” finale airs Sunday, June 20 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.


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