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If you’ve been “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you know it’s the end of an era.

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Thursday night, Kris Jenner and daughters Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner gathered for a special reunion hosted by Andy Cohen. While the special promised to be a no holds barred probe where nothing would be off limits, it wasn’t exactly shocking.

Probably the most revealing information that surfaced during the conversations were Kim Kardashian West’s revelations about her marriages to Kris Humphries and Kanye West. Of her union with Humphries, Kim said she should have listened to her gut and backed out before wedding the NBA player. Her mom, Kris Jenner says she told her she could have backed out, but Kardashian added color to the story, recalling her mother’s words:

“What you said to me was, ‘Go, I’m going to put you in a car. No one will find you. Just leave and I’ll handle it,’” the Selfish author recalled. “I thought, ‘OK, we’re filming this for a TV show. If I leave, I’m going to be known as the runaway bride forever. It’s going to be a huge joke, and I think I just had cold feet.’”

Kardashian admitted she likely would not have wed Humphries if not for the show, and revealed she immediately knew she’d made the wrong decision on the first day of her honeymoon, recalling how her ex-husband had pairs of his size 17 shoes lined up around the room.

“I was so nervous to break up with someone. I handled it totally the wrong way. I fully broke up with him in the worst way and I couldn’t — I just didn’t know how to deal. I learned so much from it.”

When Andy Cohen asked if she felt she owed Humphries an apology, she admitted she did, but said she’d tried to contact him to apologize many times but he wouldn’t take her calls. She added that she eventually ran into Humphries at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while she pregnant with Saint and holding her daughter North, but he still refused to speak to her.

“I saw him and all of his friends got up from the table, we had the tables next to each other,” she said. “All of his friends got up and said hi to me and he literally just looked at me and like wouldn’t even speak to me.”

Kim also explained why Humphries claimed fraud in his separation filing, saying he wanted an annulment because of his faith and didn’t want a divorce on his record.

“If I was mature, I would have wanted the annulment too,” she said. “I wish I was only married once.”

Speaking of that “ONE” marriage, Kim also addressed her divorce from Kanye West, saying she probably would never say the reasons there, but that it wasn’t one thing. She added that she felt the love, children and experiences from their union made it the most special one for her and that she considers it “first real marriage,”

“It was not, like, one specific thing that happened on either part,” Kardashian said. “I think it was just a general difference of opinions on a few things that lead to this decision and in no way would I want someone to think I didn’t give it my all or I didn’t try.”

Kim added that despite their divorce, “I will forever be Kanye’s biggest fan… He’s the father of my kids. Kanye will always be family.”

Kim also addressed rumors that she’s dating Van Jones — saying Jones has thanked her for the rumors making him more popular with the ladies. She denied dating Jones as well as Maluma, who she described as super nice.

Check out highlights from the special below:

Part Two is coming to our TV’s next Thursday at 8pm EST on E!. We’re curious whether Andy Cohen will ask Khloe and Kylie about the fallout with Jordyn Woods. We doubt he will though. Khloé was already ducking addressing the real deal in Part 1 and tried to act as if her reasons for being bothered by public opinion and the paparazzi were solely due to becoming worn out from the constant critiques of her looks. Kendall tried to add her two cents by asking, “You don’t think any of it has to do with what was going on in your life?” But Cohen and Khloe managed to ignore/skate by the comment. We were watching and listening though.


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