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Mia Thornton made her mark on the season 6 premiere of Real Housewives of Potomac with her plastic surgery reveals, mouthwatering meemaw status, and shaky math at Dr. Wendy Osefo’s Nude Interlude party, and now viewers want more info on the newbie.

Mia Thornton

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As previously reported Mia is a marketing director who owns a beauty/cosmetic company and multiple chiropractic offices. She’s also happily married to her husband Gordon Thornton who’s 32 years her senior—we think? We’re a bit confused because Mia, a grandma of four, was seen on Sunday’s episode struggling to calculate how much older her hubby is than her.

After a few egregiously awkward moments, Mia finally deduced that she was 36 and her husband was 68, so that would put a 32-year age gap between them.

“My husband is 38 years older than me, now he doesn’t act 68 by any means,” said Mia while fumbling through the math in front of her castmates. “So he’s 30 years older, right? I don’t know y’all. He’s 68 and I’m 36.”

Fans are likening meemaw Mia’s subtraction struggle to Phaedra Parks’ early #RHOA math when she couldn’t quite calculate how far along she was in her pregnancy.

Mia recently chatted with E! Online about her husband Gordon Thornton who she met in 2003 and has been with for 13 years now.

Mia dished on the sentimental value of naming two of her four grandkids…

“Gordon is 32 years older than I and we do have grandbabies,” she said. “We have four beautiful grandbabies. Two are adults moving into the college world, and two are in grade school. Of course I feel like the two younger ones are actually my birth grandchildren because I actually helped name them. I was there to be a part of their birth and things like that, but it’s been great. We have such a blended family. His kids are phenomenal. His daughter calls me for advice, so it’s just really great. It’s just natural.”

and shared an interesting story about meeting her hubby.

Mia told E! Online that they met in a strip club—but it’s actually not what you think.

No, Mia wasn’t shake dancing and showing off her baaawdy that’s undergone abdominoplasty, “four boobs” and “work on her clit”, she actually was there for philanthropic reasons. According to Mia, she and her man served on a board for a non-profit and they attended an event at a gentleman’s club.

“We originally met in a strip club. The reason why we became friends is because we partnered and served on the same board for a non-profit organization to raise money for Haiti,” Mia revealed. “We were raising money for the cause. One of the ladies, one of the original founders of the organization, she worked there—not as an entertainer, but in the admin office and so she did use the facility in order to raise money. They serve steak dinners and then the proceeds went to the organization.”

Now that’s different.

She also confirmed that viewers will see her clash with Candiace Dillard who’ll feel the wrath of her lettuce throwing and she’ll butt heads with Dr. Wendy Osefo.

“I would probably say the most heated moment was with Wendy [Osefo] and Candiace [Dillard],” she revealed. “I think it’s just because we have strong personalities. Anytime you get strong personalities together in a room, our alpha female lioness comes out. We all would have to like make ourselves prominent. We weren’t really gelling well, but I knew that we had—and I know that Wendy and I have more in common than we may even know yet—but I will say that it was a hard time. We were like, ‘OK who is the queen of this castle?’ And of course it was going to be me.”

See a quick clip of her faceoff with Candiace below in the #RHOP season six trailer.

Are YOU excited to see more of Mia Thornton on #RHOP? So far it definitely looks like she’s understanding the assignment.



Watch her in the #RHOP season six premiere below.



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