Big Sean is growing inches, and no, not where you’re thinking, you perverts!

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Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Big Sean has long been poked fun at for naming himself Big Sean when in reality–according to Google–he’s only 5’8”, which makes him more like Average Sean. On top of that, he’s always had a small stature, making that 5’8” frame seem that much smaller.

Since the days of being made fun of, Sean got himself one of the baddest chicks in the game, Jhené Aiko, who stands at 5’2”, making his tiny frame a problem of the past. Plus, he’s a millionaire, so he probably doesn’t care  too much.

Still, no matter how rich or successful, insecurities can still get the best of us–but Big Sean may have inadvertently found a way to help by suddenly growing a little taller. In a recent social media post, the rapper bragged about his recent growth spurt, revealing the magic behind his newly-acquired two inches.

In the video, Sean said, “How da f**k I grow 2 inches? Chiropractor for a year straight twice a week, that’s how. Straight Spine thas how. I’m laughing cause it’s real.”

In case his followers didn’t believe him, Sean also stood next to a friend, pointing out their similarities in height.

“My n**** Ronnie 5’10?, solid,” he explained. “So b**ch, look at me next to him, b*tch. N****s try and hate on me like I’m 5’6?. Nah, for real, I probably even grew like a couple inches.”

We can’t lie, Big Sean does look a little bigger! Plus, the longer hair he’s been rocking for the past couple years doesn’t hurt.



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