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*sniff sniff* is that…*sniff sniff* justice we smell?

Tattooed male prisoner with handcuffs sitting in prison visit room

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We’d love for white folks to stop trying to injure and kill us over our skin color but in lieu of actually being decent humans, we will gladly accept convictions and sturdy prison sentences for those who commit crimes against us.

Enter,  49-year-old Wade Oscar Twiner and his son,  23-year-old Lane Irvine Twiner. According to an AP report, the Mississippi good ol’ boys were arrested and charged back in 2020 following an incident where they chased down two Black teenage boys who were riding four-wheelers near their property. The father and son vigilantes grabbed their guns, hopped in their pick-up truck, and went on the prowl. The Twiners fired several gunshots at the boys and rammed one of their four-wheelers with their truck in an attempt to run one of the boys off the road. Neither Black child was hurt in the incident but physical harm isn’t a prerequisite of crime. The Twiners were subsequently arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault. Let them tell it, the boys were trespassing on their property.

This all sound eerily similar to the way Ahmaud Arbery was hunted and murdered down in Georgia.

This past weekend, according to a follow-up AP report, the Twiners were both convicted of hate crimes. Outside of being white men in Mississippi, the details of the “hate” are somewhat unclear, however, at the time of the arrest Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Joseph Head said the men were both being investigated for hate crimes. It was later released that authorities had uncovered a Facebook post that read “Redneck Neighborhood Watch” with a photo of a confederate flag. As you know, Mississippi used to love them some confederate flags but in June of 2020 state legislators retired the flag due to its unequivocal racist symbology. From what we can tell, that statute was used to deem the Twiners racists and they were judged accordingly.

We love to see it.



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