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•càm NÊWTÖN hàs ßEEN réléàséd FRÖM néw ÊNGLAND,léàv1ng THÊ ànswér TÖ thé Qß1 quést1ôn IN màc JÖNÊS hànds.•

Washington Football Team Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Cam Newton’s redemption story was supposed to become a movie that played out in New England as he led the Patriots to glory. The story started with Cam not having a full camp, then catching COVID-19 without a full start to the season. Many thought Cam wouldn’t return to New England after a shaky first season, but people seem to forget this is Cam Newton. Even if he at his worst, he’s better than half the QB’s in the NFL, and New England brought him back without thinking twice.

Unfortunately, as of today, the redemption story is over and Cam Newton is no longer on the roster for New England. No details were released on why he was cut, but many think Cam Newton being on COVID protocol and Mac Jones getting a chance to shine ended his time as QB1. We may never know what lead to the cut, but we’re sure some NFL insider will be spilling the tea for a website in the coming days.

As far Cam goes, he took to Instagram with that headache-inducing font he likes to use and promised that he’s “all good.” As he should be, he was paid in full for a season’s worth of work without having to do it, which leaves him open to get another bag with another team.

What team would be perfect for Cam? Twitter seems to wish the Falcons should make a move.



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