Weekly Horoscopes For September 12-18 By Psychic Zya

BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of September 12 – 18

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Zodiac signs for Bossip Horoscopes by Psychic Zya

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


This week you may start off with sluggish energy especially if you’ve been overindulging on food and toxic content, but you can turn it around by cleansing your space with sage, your timeline with mindful curation, and your palate with fresh fruit juices. Take note that with Venus entering Scorpio this week you may be feeling a bit more frisky and if so this is a good time to spice up things in the boudoir with your current love. For those who are who are single go out and dress for unexpected flirty moments with electrifying strangers.

RED FLAG: You’re very fertile and emotionally vulnerable this week, move strategically and trust your instincts.

SWEET SPOT: Venus in Scorpio will give you an extra ‘oomph” that will make you quite popular romance wise.

Zodiac signs for Bossip Horoscopes by Psychic Zya

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


If you’ve been feeling called to be more creative then by all means do so! Your soul is yearning to play and play some more. Make space for joy this week by gathering with heart-centered friends and indulging in delightful experiences like jam sessions, crafting parties, board games or even delicious bake-offs! You’ll find that surrounding yourself with like minded souls and getting your hands messy will lift you out of your crowded headspace and drop you into your heart center.

RED FLAG: Over thinking and over working doesn’t serve you this week. Schedule time to play and chill.

SWEET SPOT: You’ll have an opportunity to arrange your workspace in a more spiritually aligned fashion – go for it — and splurge on chic decor that makes you happy!



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