Weekly Horoscopes For September 12-18 By Psychic Zya

BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of September 12 – 18

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Zodiac signs for Bossip Horoscopes by Psychic Zya

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Much like your fellow water signs, the Venus in Scorpio transit this week will affect you deeply, however, as it is in your dominant sun sign you’ll have the home court advantage. With this potent astro combo applying sultry pressure, your sex appeal will come into sharp focus. Many will find you mentally stimulating and visually alluring so feel free to bump up your personal style with a slant toward the sensual and mysterious. If you’re attached, be sure to monitor the harmless flirtation with strangers so that your partner feels secure. But if you’re single refresh your photos on the dating apps and watch the “Swipe Rights” roll in.

RED FLAG: You’re feeling yourself and everyone else is too, just be sure to create a synergy between your common sense, your ego and your libido.

SWEET SPOT: Lady Luck is on your side this week, sweetening the opportunity to take calculated risks.

Zodiac signs for Bossip Horoscopes by Psychic Zya

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


If you’ve been feeling a long-lasting case of “the blahs” it’s time to dig deep and figure out what your spirit is really trying to tell you. Many of you simply need rest on a soul level and need to give yourself permission to do so. If you’re a busy parent or caretaker get a weekend helper and treat yourself to a luxe hotel — it’s greatly needed at this time — as it has been an extra rough 18 months for the parent /care-taking community As for the rest of you Saggs, it’s time to relinquish any lingering “stuff” that keeps you stuck and yes you too, deserve a little mini vacation.

RED FLAG: If you keep putting off deep rest you may find yourself with a lingering illness before the end of the year.

SWEET SPOT: Believe it or not, willing support is there, but your pride and attachment to your “role” is keeping you from seeing who is willing to help and even from asking for assistance in the first place. Please stop and allow others to support you.

Zya Moses AKA Psychic Zya

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