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There’s still tension brewing between a couple on “Married At First Sight” and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look.

As previously reported Michaela, 30, and Zack, 27, went from connecting immediately and drawing Amani and Woody comparisons, to a BIG blowup over miscommunication.

Michaela and Zack

Source: Amber Charles Photography / Kinetic Content

After Zack left in the wee hours of the morning to take his dog to doggie daycare and according to Michaela, neglected to answer his phone or leave a note, Michaela exploded in anger, packed her bags, and left.

Later during a sitdown with Pastor Cal and after Michaela hurled curse words Zack’s way, Cal confirmed that the realtor was showing signs of abandonment issues because of her father’s passing. Michaela agreed and said she felt “nervous” and “guarded” about being led by someone who’s not her dad. With that, Zack vowed to “have her back” and Pastor Cal urged the two to “work out their own baggage.”


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

After that breakthrough convo, the two tried to move on during an [almost canceled] housewarming party but Zack still had questions and concerns.


And now, apparently, Michaela’s expressing hers as well.

On tonight’s episode of “Married At First Sight,” Zack and Michaela will discuss a question posed by the experts; “Do you think you’re beginning to fall in love?” 

MAFs Michaela and Zack

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Michaela: “I think a couple of weeks ago I was. So then I was.”

Zack: “Then you were, what about now though?”

Michaela: “Now to be 100% honest, I am guarded.”

According to Michaela, she feels that way because of the “past couple of days” and she’s reflecting on their marriage to see if it’s a “truly viable relationship for her future.”

“I honestly do believe we’re going to work on it together,” she adds to her husband.

Zack however doesn’t look too convinced.

MAFs Michaela and Zack

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Check out an exclusive clip below.




Do YOU think Zack and Michaela can smooth things out and get back to their beautiful beginnings?



Tune in to #MAFS tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. 

“Married At First Sight” is produced by Kinetic Content (a Red Arrow Studios company). Executive producers for Married at First Sight are Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Ally Simpson, Montre Burton and Toni Gallagher from Kinetic Content and Cat Rodriguez from Lifetime.



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