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A Married At First Sight expert is once again clapping back at claims that there were shady shenanigans afoot during last season’s casing process. Pastor Calvin Roberson was a recent guest on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap and he brought his usual quick wit and anointed advice on relationships.

Pastor Cal

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During the chat with BOSSIP’s Deputy Editor @IAmDaniCanada, the Pastor dropped gems that he’s sharing in his new book “Marriage Aint’ For Punks: A No-Nonsense Guide to Building a Lasting Relationship” and weighed in on #MAFS. The show’s 13th season featured in Houston is currently airing and according to Pastor Cal he’s got high hopes for the five couples; Brett & Ryan, Bao & Johnny, Michaela & Zack, Rachel & Jose, and Myrla & Gil.

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While some people are already giving up on the latter in particular, the #MAFS expert isn’t.

According to Pastor Cal, while frugal firefighter Gil might look like a mismatch for admittedly bougie baddie Myrla, their marriage can actually work.

“I believe Myrla needs Gil,” said Pastor Cal during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. The problem is getting Myrla to recognize that she needs Gil. Gil is patient, he’s just a good guy and Myrla is not a bad person, by the time you see it on TV so much has been edited. Is she a diva? Yes,” he added. “But I think her diva-hood is not generational diva, because she was brought up in such a destitute family situation she said she’s not going back to that. She likes the finer things in life and she’s worked hard to get it. What we wanted for her was someone who could break through that tough exterior.”

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Pastor Cal also once again decried claims that he, Dr. Viviana, and Dr. Pepper put together “train wreck” matches to help ratings. Those claims followed the experts throughout season 12 while people watched Paige Banks and Chris Williams. Y’all remember how that went, right?

“We do not match people for drama,” said Pastor Cal during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap while ticking off #MAFS’ vetting process that includes psychiatric evaluations and a lengthy questionnaire. “Our integrity is at stake here, it’s not that kind of party. Take a random marriage and put a camera in their home for 40 hours a week, I will bet you that you will see drama, comedy, mystery, intrigue, you’ll see a number of different situations happn. You don’t have to create, with marriage, drama comes with it.”


Pastor Cal also reflected on “Marriage Ain’t For Punks” which teaches people how to “manage life with another person.” According to the author, if you’re going to make a marriage work, there has to be self-work done to “manage who you are.” He also added that yes, communication with your partner is key–but the right kind.

“Not just communication but positive communication,” said Pastor Cal during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “We communicate in everything that we do, it’s more than just words, it’s through your actions. We communicate by what we say and what we don’t say. The key is positive communication, it’s active communication, it’s vulnerable communication. In the book, we talk about constructive and instructive communication as well as destructive communication.”

“Marriage Ain’t For Punks” will be released on September 7.

Pastor Cal

Source: Marriage Ain’t For Punks / A No-Nonsense Guide to Building a Lasting Relationship

Click HERE to pre-order.

Watch a snippet of Pastor Cal’s #RealityRecap with BOSSIP below.



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