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Take everything from these bacon-wrapped terrorists!


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Last week, BOSSIP reported on an incident between Dayton, Ohio police and a Black paraplegic man named Clifford Owensby who was not protected but rather served unwarranted humiliation and indignity. According to WDTN, the local chapter of the NAACP held a public meeting Sunday to announce that Owensby has now filed an official complaint against the department for profiling, unlawful arrest, and illegal search and seizure.

In light of the amount of news coverage that this story has garnered, the body camera footage from the incident has been released and it doesn’t do much of anything to clear the officers of any wrongdoing. Moreover, it’s pretty hard to watch and although it isn’t graphic in nature from an injury perspective, it is still very triggering to watch how the pigs handled his brotha.


During the meeting, Owensby made it known that he was a father of seven children and reiterated the fact that he is disabled which usually requires that he have help exiting a vehicle. He also said the when Dayton police pulled him over initially they claimed it was because of his window tint. Officers later stated that they believed Owensby had visited a home that was being monitored by narcotics detectives and wanted to search his car for drugs. No drugs were found, only $23,000 in cash that still has not been returned.

“They dragged me to their vehicle like a dog, like trash,” said Owensby. “It was total humiiliation, it was hatred at its purest fashion. I have never seen or witnessed anything like this in my life.”

Ultimately, no charges were filed against Owensby and he was taken to both the hospital and the jail. He was cited for having dark windows and not having his child restrained in a car seat that he couldn’t properly affix without assistance. As Thanos once told Tony Stark, “all that for a little drop of blood”.

NWA was right. They’ve always been right. F the police.



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