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“Games People Play” is back and packed with suspense and secrets, and a cast member’s dishing on what’s going down.

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As previously reported the BET sports drama is based on the popular book by Angela Burt-Murray “Games Divas Play” and follows a cast of characters “playing to win” in L.A.

Included in the bunch is Marquis “MJ” Jackson who navigates the city of Angels alongside his bestie Nia Bullock. Played by Kendall Kyndall, MJ is not just Nia’s best friend, he’s her faithful assistant and confidante who can finish her sentences—but he also might accidentally spill her tea.

In addition to MJ, the show’s”game players” include Marques King [Sarunas Jackson], a basketball player navigating both his equally rocky personal life and NBA career, a newly appointed team marketing executive who’s got a lot to prove [Karrueche Tran], and a struggling actress with a scandalous past [Parker McKenna Posey]. Lauren London also has a limited role in the new season as Marques’ troubled Queen Vanessa.



Kendall Kyndall recently chatted with BOSSIP about “Games People Play” season 2 and the cast’s behind-the-scenes bond. The “Social Society” host also shared keys to social media success that his “best friends” can emulate.


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This season of “Games People Play” is about loyalty, love, and lies, what’s your character MJ up to? 

They are testing his loyalty, he’s definitely lying and he might dibble and dabble in some love.

Karrueche is on “Games People Play” season two. What was it like working with her?

We had an amazing time, I worked with her before on “Claws” and I was there for about a week and we had time to tap in. So I know her and for me it was like [that’s] my dog and everybody else [in the cast], welcomed her with open arms. Karrueche is very down to earth so it was no problem for her to fit right in.



What is it like filming with this cast? We have you, Karrueche, Sarunas Jackson, Karen Obilom, Jackie Long…I know you all are cutting up on set. Is there a family vibe between the group?

Definitely a family vibe, it’s a party! Most of the time you’re filming with your scene partner, which is whoever’s your best friend on the show. Mine is Karen [Obilom], Jackie, and, Sarunas are usually filming together and then he and Karrueche film together as well.

But this season you’ll really see the cast become friends. So when we all got to work together it was like, you know that bad a*** class and when the teacher’s not there everybody won’t stop talking because everybody’s sitting next to their friends? That was us. We loved each other! And we even took that love off of set and brought it to my house or wherever we decided to go after we were off. It was definitely a family vibe.

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You’re well versed in all things, reality TV, and dare I say an expert. Why do you think “Games People Play” which is a scripted series is doing so well and resonating with fans when reality TV is still so popular?

Honestly, the show is a good show and it’s well written. And the way it [season one] ended makes everybody want to know what the hell is going on, especially with Lauren [London]. Not only that, but he cast that we have is lit. So I think people each have somebody that they can relate to, I really believe that that’s what it is. It was very well-written and we played those parts. On top of that, we just have lots of fans who really love the work that we did in season one.

Speaking of social media, I think some people think that you have overnight success but you’ve actually been working in social since 2015. What are some keys to social media success?


I always say to stay consistent even if you want to give up because it’s easy to give up. If you give up you don’t want to start over after building what you’ve built so stick with it because it’ll click. I did those recaps for years before I did the [Love & Hip Hop] reunions. I did that in 2015—do you know when I started doing reunions? I started doing reunions in 2019, come on now!

You have to plant that seed and you have to water it, but you also have to have faith in the seed as well. If you don’t, that seed might not grow. So I’ll say that and to be your authentic self, don’t be anybody else. You’ll see other people, you may look up to other people and there might other people on social media that you don’t think are funny, but don’t try to be them. Be exactly who you are because that’s what people will fall in love with.


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The second season of “Games People Play” kicked off on Tuesday, October 19, at 10 PM ET/PT. Based on the popular book by Angela Burt-Murray “Games Divas Play,” “Games People Play” is a sexy, stylized one-hour drama about the L.A. high life, featuring a cast of characters where everyone plays to win, including a basketball player navigating both his equally rocky personal life and NBA career, a newly appointed team marketing executive who’s got a lot to prove, a tenacious journalist desperately seeking the truth and a struggling actress with a scandalous past. The talented ensemble cast includes Karrueche Tran, Lauren London in a limited role, Sarunas J. Jackson, Karen Obilom, Parker McKenna Posey, Jackie Long, and Kendall Kyndall and Brandi Denise. In addition, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Vanessa Simmons, Shaun Robinson, Kevin Jackson, Barry Brewer, and Monti Washington reprise their recurring roles, with Cynthia Bailey, Nazanin Mandi, Ro Parrish, Hitman Holla, Leon, and Calvin Seabrooks to guest star in the ten-episode drama. #GamesPeoplePlay.



“GAMES PEOPLE PLAY” is executive produced by Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment, Angela Burt-Murray, and Vanessa Middleton. Middleton also serves as the showrunner on the series.

For more information, viewers can log on to and join the conversation by following @BET on all social platforms.


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