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Joe Budden said…what?

Say what you want about polarizing podcaster Joe Budden, he knows how to get the people going and trended with an unexpected reveal on the latest episode of his popular self-named podcast.

“I’m bisexual,” he said on his podcast. “How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word? Yo, listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.”

Peep the full episode below:

As you can imagine, Twitter ran with just that one clip without actually listening to the episode where he said the comment as a not-very-clever way to absolve himself from criticism from the LGBTQ+ community.

To provide context, Budden was speaking on DaBaby’s now infamous homophobia saga and compared the community to the mafia that he believes is extorting the somewhat canceled rapper for apologies, money and whatever else in exchange for him performing on stage again.

For hours, haters, “cultural  commentators,” and everyone else across social media got their jokes off without ever realizing, they were being trolled by a King troll.

In an interesting plot twist, Budden’s ex Tahiry Jose jumped in to set the record straight about Joe’s sexuality while throwing him under the bus for being a “woman beater.”

“Joey May be a women beater but far from Bi… and Vado better stop calling , DM’ing me and popping up to my old crib. I’m jus sayin”

Also worth noting is longtime Budden foe Azealia Banks claiming he was supposed to come out next year and only did so early to spite her.

We can neither confirm nor deny anything she posted but we look forward to Budden addressing the chitter-chattter over his “reveal” on the latest episode of his podcast dropping tomorrow.

What was your reaction to Joe’s trolling? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions to his podcast reveal on the flip.

“Don’t let Joe Budden coming out as bisexual distract y’all from the fact that he’s been in office for almost a year & still hasn’t cancelled student loans” – *cackles*

“When Lil Boosie finds out that Joe Budden is bisexual” – poor Boosie

“Lil Nas x after finding out Joe Budden is the new gay guy in hip hop” – Twitter is ruthless

“Love how Joe Budden came out as bi and the community was like” – *falls down the stairs*

“I be serious as hell on dates bowling just like this” – *howls*

“Joe Budden is bi? Well I guess he’s Joe Bi-den” – you know what…

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“Anyone shocked about Joe Budden has clearly not been paying attention” – messssy


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