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What in the entire F*** is this???

Closing arguments in trial of Kyle Rittenhouse

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

We’re not lawyers, but it seems like a VERY unusual thing to allow the defendant in a murder case to be allowed to play an active role in who will comprise the “jury of his peers.”

Yesterday, according to a NBCNews report Judge Bruce Schroeder allowed cryin’ a** Kyle Rittenhouse to put his hand into a container and pull 6 names at random. Those 6 people represent the jurors who will be dismissed from the panel and the remaining 12 will decide Rittenhouse’s fate.

Yes, technically, a hand is a hand. As long as the choices are random and blind to the person choosing, the math remains the same. However, what type of message the judge sending to Rittenhouse and all of us watching when he stages what director of the Public Defender Project John P. Gross calls “an interesting piece of theater”?

Both Gross and University of Wisconsin law professor Ion Meyn say they’ve only ever seen the judge or a court clerk select names, never a defendant.

Again, we’re not suggesting that this trial has been compromised but the question begs: In such a tense time where America’s eyes on the criminal justice system unlike ever before, why even give the appearance of impropriety or bias? Is juice really worth the squeeze? A reasonable person might vehemently argue “hell naw!”



How does this read to you? Do you think it’s a bad look for the judge to be this…free-wheeling with an accused murderer or is this mountains out of mole hills?



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