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Mia Jaye breaks her silence on the murder of her long-time partner Young Dolph and reveals her main concern is how to tell her babies their daddy isn’t coming home.

Mia Jaye & Dolph

Source: @iammiajaye / Instagram

Earlier this week, Memphis legend and rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown outside a local bakery while picking up cookies for his mother. Police have released security camera images as they continue to search for the suspects who committed the violent attack. Police are doing everything they can to close this case before the streets take matters into their own hands and begin retaliating.

Dolph was always somewhat of a private person but had a very beautiful family with his longtime partner Mia Jaye. Mia Jaye is a successful businesswoman herself with a hustle to match Dolph’s and was somewhat private as well, mainly promoting her businesses on social media. Yesterday, she broke her silence on the loss of Dolph and took to Instagram to thank everyone who reached out.

“Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers, love, support, calls, messages… I may not see them all but when my eyes are not full of tears, I catch a few,” Jaye wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Nonetheless, all the genuine positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome… because Lord knows I need them…” In a seperate story she posted “How am I going to tell my babies that daddy is never coming home?”

Dolph had several titles, but being a father is one he took the most pride in, and providing for his family was always the top priority as you can hear in his music. Dolph reportedly purchased properties for his children on each birthday so they would grow up with a real estate portfolio of their own. Our prayers go out to Dolph, Mia Jaye, and most importantly, the kids Dolph left behind.


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