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We’re pretty sure Issa daydreaming violence against Condola and baby Elijah Mustafa is the funniest opening scene in “Insecure” history that set the tone for the enjoyably random episode.

Issa, who’s still stuck on Lawrence and his baby with ex-almost friend Condola, continued her awkward somethingship with Nathan that can be summed up with their cringe-worthy argument during dinner.

(No compatible couple is arguing like Issa and Nathan while their food gets cold. It’s just not happening)

At some point, we hope Issa explores new options in the final 4 episodes of the series that appears to be headed toward another Issa/Lawrence rekindling–brand new baby and all.

We also catch up with Molly who witnesses a breakthrough in her sick mother’s condition while flirting with a potentially disastrous relationship with married coworker Taurean.

Our fave Natasha Rothwell (Kelli Prenny) made her directorial debut in the episode that was just a taste of things to come from the incredibly talented actress and writer.

“I wanted to direct TV. I wanted to direct a movie. I want to be in that space legitimately and be a player in that space,” said Rothwell in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“And so when it came time to direct during the season, I had a fire that I don’t think I would have had prior to the pandemic. It was an activator in a very real way.”

How do you think the final 4 episodes will go? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) chitter-chatter over episode 6 on the flip.

“Issa really did this #insecure #InsecureHBO” – best moment of the season

““It’s not the mall ring he bought you” bi**h #InsecureHBO” – *howls*

Issa: F*ck dem kids😩” – didnt not see that coming

“I need @IssaRae to see this pls #InsecureHBO 💀” – caresha is the gift who keeps on giving

“B*tch, the way I would have left Nathan’s house… #InsecureHBO” – he was trippin trippin

“”What time is it? MOLLY TIME!”#InsecureHBO” – ayeeee

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“So they only added Kofi fine a** to the cast to…argue?! #InsecureHBO” – certainly appears so

“The way I would’ve packed me and my food up after Nathan came sideways #InsecureHBO” – mmhmm

“Idc if Issa and Nathan break up as long as it doesn’t lead her back to Lawrence” – that’s fair


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