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Mary Cosby Vs. Jen Shah

Source: Bravo / Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Infamous fire starter Jen Shah revealed some more ominous details about her co-star Mary Cosby’s scandalous church cult allegations and she sent shockwaves between the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

While shmoozing with Lisa Barlow on a juicy episode of #RHOSLC that aired on Dec. 4, Shah claimed that Cosby had pinched away at funds from her Faith Temple Pentecostal Church and that her devout members were so broke that they were left no choice but to apply for “food stamps.”

“My own cousin, my first cousin, his best friend is f—king terrified. People are saying that she’s a f—king cult leader, that she has them on food stamps,” the star, who’s currently facing charges for wire fraud and money laundering, told Barlow. She also claimed that a member from Cosby’s congregation allegedly committed “suicide” but she didn’t go into much detail.

“People are fearing for their life. And when is someone going to hold her accountable?” she added. “It’s, like, we’re not allowed to ask Mary about it.”

Barlow mentioned on a previous episode that her late friend Cameron Williams, who was one of Cosby’s former church members, developed “spiritual trauma” after he was manipulated into donating large amounts of money to the star’s church. There were even rumors that Cosby had allegedly referred to herself as “God” on more than one occasion.

Following the allegations, Barlow, Cosby, Meredith Marks, Jennie Nguyen, Whitney Rose, and Heather Gay took a trip to Vail, Colorado where more questions emerged about Cosby’s allegedly fraudulent church goings. Vida Tequila founder Lisa relayed the gossip to the Housewives, which quickly led to some of the ladies bringing up Shah’s past wrongdoings.

 “I heard a lot worse about Jen for a year and a half, and nobody listened, nobody believed a word I said! I am not going to sit here with no fact, I can’t go down this path without something concrete,” said Marks in response to the drama. 

In an attempt to set the record straight, Barlow and the ladies went directly to Cosby to confront her about the allegations and she immediately clapped back.

“I don’t know why I would owe any of you an explanation. Why would it be a conversation? If I’m not able to speak up for myself, then my name shouldn’t be brought up,” she told the ladies. “To compare me with what’s going on with [Jen], well, that’s evil.”

Cosby continued: “I’ve never ripped anyone off. I don’t need to. I was born in money, OK? I didn’t ask for it. It was given to me.”

“I’m not God. I worship the God in me and he’s in me,” Cosby said to Barlow before walking away in tears. “And it’s not fair to put me with someone [like Jen].”


Following their heated encounter, it appeared as though Barlow may have had a change of heart for Cosby but a clip from a forthcoming episode seems to show that there might be trouble brewing on the horizon between the two ladies, Page Six noted.

On the #RHOLSC after-show, Mary called the allegations “outlandish.”

“And what is true, I will tell you. if it’s a cult, I will tell you—if I’m God, I’m God and I’m gonna do some things, powerful things. I’m gonna bop Whitney [Rose] in the head…” If it was true, why would it come out now?”


Mary previously denied the cult allegations amid rumors she was stealing from parishioners. She also hinted that “racism” could be at play.

“They’ve been saying that since my grandmother started at the church,” said Mary. “That’s so cruel,” she says of the idea she would steal from the temple. “I feel like it’s so judgmental because I am African American and a woman and I do have an eye for finer things in life. I have intelligent church members and they know that was all to God,” she added.


Did you watch Sunday’s episode? What in the world do you think is going on here?


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