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Enter the Issaverse

We have no idea how “Insecure” ends but we’re leaning toward Issa finding her happy as a successful single woman with Nathan and Lawrence in her rearview mirror.

Orrrr maybe she ends up with Lawrence (who she’s STILL stuck on despite his baby with Condola) or new boo Nathan who just doesn’t seem like the best longterm option.

It’s this central dilemma at the heart of Issa’s swoon-worthy daydream sequence that cleverly mirrors her actual life as burgeoning media maven Issa Rae.

In separate fantasies (courtesy of Mirror Issa), Issa sees what happens when she chooses the Nothing But Water career path vs. collabing with rising star Crenshawn.

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie Wallace/HBO

We see her as a sought after success making speaking appearances, helping her beloved community, and living the boo’d up life with Nathan.

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie Wallace/HBO

Naturally, Lawrence pops up in the fantasy scenarios that also include Tyra Banks, Ty Dolla $ign and Elaine Welteroth appearing at different levels of her success.

“Neither job gave her 100 percent of what she wanted,” said Executive Producer Amy Aniobi in an interview with TVLine.

“When she chose NBW, she didn’t get to work with Ty Dolla $ign, Crenshawn did.

And when she chose Crenshawn, NBW got Ty Dolla $ign. Either way, there is no right path. There’s just the path you choose.”

With only two episodes left, it’s clear we’ll get a happy ending. Just not the one we’re expecting.

“Season 5 really is about our favorite characters coming full circle and experiencing growth,” said “Insecure” story editor and writer Mike Gauyo.

“They are seeing reflections of themselves and figuring out what their next steps are. The universe is holding up a mirror to their lives, and because they are older and wiser, now is the time to look at those reflections and course correct their paths. Everyone is figuring out what they want to do and going for it.”

Do you think Issa ends up choosing herself over Lawrence and Nathan? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from the latest episode on the flip.

“Every time I see Issa and Nathan together” – every single time

“Nathan needs a job in both fantasies #InsecureHBO” – pettyyy

“Not Nathan being a househusband to her in her dreams LMAOOOO” – now, see…

“I’m not sure “dusty” is a fair assessment…” – haaaa


“Only TWO episodes left and she STILL going back and forth” – STILL

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“Issa said “Look natural” for a pic & Nathan started choking that plant” – bruhhh

“Issa and Nathan are still together next episode though 😫😫😫 please!! We’re running out of time to end this!” – time’s ticking

“Issa coming home to Nathan at the end of her daydreams” – doesn’t seem that exciting

“Can Issa daydream Daniel into one of these dreams. I’m trying to see something” – we doubt that’s happening

“Alright fine Taurean might be growing on me 😒 ” – welppp


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