Yes, in case you forgot, Melyssa Ford dated Drake and the forever fine banger is dishing on what went down.

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Back in March of 2020 Melyssa actually broke the news of her quiet Canadian coupledom with Drake that happened at the exact same time that he was dating another model; Toccara Jones.

As previously reported Melyssa had Toccara on her I’m Here For The Food, podcast with co-host Blue Telusma when the topic of dating came up. According to Melyssa, back in the day, 2009 to be exact, when she was a video vixen and when Toccarra was fresh off “Top Model”, the friends discovered that they were both being wooed by Drizzy.

Toccara actually figured out that they were both seeing the rapper and luckily there were no hard feelings and Melyssa dropped the “greedy, gluttonous” rapper for dating two women who were friends.

“Don’t be messy,” said Melyssa.

“To me, I thought, ‘Wow, you really did bite off more than you could chew.’ Because I mean—you’ve got Tocarra and then you got me. What I’m trying to say here is the two of us are each a seven-course meal. So you greedy, gluttonous m*thaf*cka. And it wasn’t a secret that we were friends. That was what had me. You didn’t have to date girlfriends. Don’t be messy.”

Fast forward to a recent episode of N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs” podcast and Melyssa shared that despite what went down, she at one point had feelings for Drizzy.

During the episode, Melyssa was joined by her good friend Monie Love to dish on their careers in radio ad their respective starts in the industry.


Things also got especially interesting when N.O.R.E. asked Melyssa to dish on rumors she dated Drake.

“You’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired,” said Melyssa initially while playing coy. She then went on to relish in old memories about Drake whom she had a “cerebral” Canadian connection with.

Both Melyssa and the rapper hail from Toronto.

“I cannot lie, and [I have to] say that part of the attraction with him is how smart and cerebral and Canadian he was. We spoke the same non-verbal language… There was an unspoken language, and I really, truly f**king adored him.”


“He was on the court,” Melyssa added when she was asked if Drake made it to third base. “We really gel as Canadians, we really f****g get each other!”

Elsewhere she dished on having another “cerebral” connection, this time with Q Tip.

Are you surprised to hear about Drake and Melyssa Ford’s Canadian coupledom?


See Melyssa’s full “Drink Champs” episode below.





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