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Heyyy Melyssa

There’s no doubt that Hall of Fame hot girl Melyssa Ford is still one of the baddest, especially after her latest screen-lickable reminder that sent social media into a thirsty tizzy.

You may remember the 44-year-old stunner hopping into the Fashion Novette fracas between Ari Fletcher and Alexis Skyy who (inaccurately) claimed she paved the way for “these b*tches.”

Ford, who’s undoubtedly one of the forebaddies of Instagram modeldom, responded with a calm clapback.

“Paved the way???? Ppl need a history lesson. But you know what? Lol lemme just chill over her with my greenery in my convalescent home,” Ford wrote in the caption for the video.

Since the beginning of her career in 1997, she’s shined as thee queen video vixen who, at one point, dated Drake at the same time as top-tier “Top Model” album Toccara.

After dancing around the rapper’s identity and only calling him a “hoe a**” on her I’m Here For The Food podcast, she eventually revealed that it was Drake who dated her and Toccara at the exact same time.

According to the model,  a similar situation happened before when they found out that Toccara’s beau was seeing Melyssa at the same time as well which made Toccara hesitant to tell Melyssa about Drizzy.

After feeling guilty, Toccara eventually told Melyssa and luckily there were no hard feelings—Melyssa dropped him immediately.

“She was just like dude you’re talking to, I’m talking to him too,” said Melyssa. “And I was just like…oh. What I said to her, ‘Knock yourself out.’ I didn’t have to have a conversation with him.

I was going to eventually not eventually probably the next day or something like that because he called me. I just want to say this, that there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f*ck he was. I was not losing my girlfriend.”

Melyssa then went on to say that Drake was being “greedy” because they’re both “seven-course meals.”

“To me, I thought, ‘Wow, you really did bite off more than you could chew.’ Because I mean—you’ve got Tocarra and then you got me. What I’m trying to say here is the two of us are each a seven-course meal. So you greedy, gluttonous m*thaf*cka. And it wasn’t a secret that we were friends. That was what had me. You didn’t to date girlfriends. Don’t be messy.”

Where would you rank Melyssa on the all-time video vixen list? Tell us down below and peep her recent thirst traps on the flip.


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