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LisaRaye, Ari Fletcher

Source: Aaron J. Thornton/ Albert L. Ortega

LisaRaye McCoy comfortably shared her thoughts about the trend of rapper baby mamas becoming famous on social media while doubling down on her Ari Fletcher criticism in a recent interview.

The actress, 54, appeared on the inaugural episode of It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper and was asked her thoughts on the wave of rapper baby mamas who have transformed into some well-paid influencers on Instagram.

On the trend of rapper baby mamas receiving attention and paychecks LisaRaye commented:

“Here’s the thing. If that’s their way of collecting a check and they want to be bothered with something that they didn’t want to be bothered within the beginning for 18 years–or the rest of their life–then have at it, cause that’s exactly what they’re doing. That’s their meal ticket now.”

Host Raquel Harper then asked what she thought about rapper G-Herbo’s baby mama, Ari Fletcher, who first shot to fame by making videos with him on social media and then making headlines over their breakup.  LisaRaye has made criticizing comments about Ari in the past regarding her losing her Savage X Fenty partnership

“I ain’t even know all of that either. I don’t even keep up because…seriously, I want to speak and be around folks that’s doing something and not just collecting a bag because ‘it’s about the money.’ Because all money ain’t good money and we heard that before. You need to make the money, don’t let the money make you.”


The Players Club star previously lit into Fletcher on an episode of Fox’s Soul’s Cocktails with Queens podcast over her making some unsavory comments about domestic violence victims and in response, had her Fenty deal snatched.

“Shout out to Rihanna for standing up and being an example of a woman of her word and making sure that her brand is not tarnished with any foolishness!” she said. “See that’s the difference between a social media influencer and a real celebrity and star,” she continued. “There’s a difference…Respectable people, respect you. She was out of line, out of place. She was immature. For the women that look up to her, I hope that they hold her accountable for what she says. I hope that she is learning a lesson to at least come back and say, ‘you know what I apologize.’ But she needs to give us some type of apology or narrative…”


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