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Chris Says He Wants To Divorce His Wife Alyssa On Married at First Sight Season 14

Married At First Sight season 14 fans are rejoicing over a groom deciding to pull the plug on his disastrous marriage to his suspicious allergy-having spouse.

As previously reported Chris’ wife Alyssa has been CONSISTENTLY trending on social media for not giving her husband Chris a chance immediately after meeting him at the altar.

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The bride who’s adamant that she’s a “nice person” previously begged producers to let her move into her #MAFS apartment alone so she can “hang out with her girls”, told her husband that they “just don’t vibe”, accused her husband of having “aggressive hand gestures” and said she felt “robbed” by being matched with him.

Ultimately fans think Alyssa’s just not attracted to her realtor husband who also didn’t have the eagle tattoo that a psychic told Alyssa her partner would have.

Uhhhh…that’s not awkward at all.

On Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS, things got even more awkward when Alyssa and Chris returned to Boston and met with Pastor Cal inside the apartment that Alyssa suggested they “take turns” sharing.

During the sitdown, Alyssa told Pastor Cal that Chris wasn’t her “type” but insisted that she tried to make things work.

“When I first saw him I was like, okay, I don’t think that’s like my physical type. I could’ve walked away then but I didn’t. I said, ‘Okay let’s see why we were matched,'” said Alyssa. “Then I think I started to get a little bit nervous when I started hearing his friends tell me things, I think that that’s when I first started being like ‘Oh my God, what did I get myself into.'”

Alyssa also said that living with her legally bound husband wouldn’t be “ideal for her” in particular because she and Chris both have “big dogs” and she’s actually allergic to canines—despite having one of her own and despite literally working in animal rescue.

“Number one we both have two big dogs, number two; I’m allergic to dogs, I’m not sure if you know,” said Alyssa. “I’m not super allergic to Penelope anymore because I’ve been around her for 10 years,” she added noting that Chris’ dog is a husky who has a “lot of hair.” “I have been trying to look for things, trying to look for positives,” she continued. “I really haven’t found any.”

Now, sis…

As Alyssa made her “allergy” claims, MAFS viewers quickly called BS and labeled it as yet another excuse for her to stay faaaar away from her husband.

Luckily for Alyssa, her husband Chris was ready to finally put some PERMANENT space between.


After Alyssa made her allergy speech, a frustrated Chris spoke up and unlike other #MAFS participants who’ve tried to stick things out despite an abundance of red flags, he announced that this would be his “Decision Day.”

“I want a divorce,” said Chris.

Chris was quickly praised on Twitter for wising up and moving on quickly even as his wife openly wept because she “worked so hard to get here.”

“I never thought this would be the outcome for me,” said Alyssa noting that the “arguing”, “miscommunication”, and “disrespect” threw her off in their marriage.

Chris then told Pastor Cal that he didn’t think that Alyssa was there for marriage despite Alyssa insisting that she was there for the “right reasons.”

“It triggers me because it’s not fair and it’s not accurate,” said Alyssa.


Social media is of course NOT buying that, Alyssa, and rightfully so.

What do YOU think about Chris pulling the plug on his marriage? Are you glad that he called it quits with Alyssa so early in the process?



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