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Uh oh!

Twitter is ablaze over Michael Ealy‘s appearance on ‘Bel-Air‘ as an art gallery owner who starts working with Aunt Viv (who’s an artist who sidelines her dreams for family) which means she’ll probably be getting stalked or sneaking linking behind Uncle Phil’s back in a plot twist we didn’t see coming.

Peep the clip (that premiered exclusively on Shadow And Act) below:

Ealy’s recurring role is the latest intriguing reason to stream ‘Bel-Air’ that also reimagines Uncle Phil and Geoffrey as panty-melters and Carlton as a villainous menace who immediately beefs with Will.

At this point, it’s safe to say everybody hates Carlton.

Played by talented actor Olly Sholotan, the new Carlton is a popular athlete at fancy-shmancy Bel-Air Academy who claims to exude Black excellence despite being completely detached from the culture.

In a laughable scene, he can be seen shmoney dancing while surrounded by his white teammates and BFF Connor who gleefully says the N-word before Will smith shuts it all down.

Thankfully, their relationship progresses beyond their early beef according to Sholotan who spoke on Carlton/Will’s dynamic in an interview with Shadow And Act.

“I think the thing that’s so beautiful about Carlton and Will’s relationship is that they end up finding strengths in each other’s differences,” he said. “And as the season goes on, they find ways to work together and solve problems, and only using things that each other know. Carlton comes to lean on Will a lot in the way he deals with his anxiety and the way he deals with his substance abuse.

But also, I think the story of Carlton is that of so many kids in America today, and not just Black kids, but just so many kids that of dealing with anxiety and still trying to push through and you be your own person in this world. Will really allows Carlton to lean on him in a lot of those moments. I also think it speaks a lot to masculine relationships and how young men, specifically young Black men, relate to each other and emotionally lean on each other and I think it’s beautiful.”

What do you think happens between Michael Ealy and Aunt Viv? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) reactions to his guest appearance on the flip.

“Aww damn Uncle Phil gon come home and see Aunt Viv and Michael Ealy painting without brushes and flip out” – *howls*

“Run Aunt Viv Run.

He’s either going to drop your kids out the window, hide under your bed and stalk you or break up your happy home.

Michael Ealy characters choose violence daily” – accurate

“Child all I know is Michael Ealy and his green eyes better leave Aunt Viv alone” – you know he won’t


oh aunt viv bout to be gettin stroked out on a easel” – uh oh

“Does Uncle Phil know Michael Ealy in this jawn talking to Aunt Viv? Because this man has literally f*cked every girl he been in a show/movie with” – welppp

“Michael Ealy always rocks up in a TV show to ruin people’s marriages. Aunt Viv don’t get tempted by that light skinned, green eyed SEXY Demon. Close your legs Aunt Viv. Please!” – we can’t wait to see what happens next

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“Almost all of Michael Ealy roles the same.,, Son either a villain, cheating on someone or trying to get someone to cheat or all 3” – facts

“i need a man to look at me how michael ealy looks at aunt viv” – see, this is how it starts

“I hope Aunt Viv don’t drop it low for Michael Ealy. I still haven’t forgiven him for tossing them kids out the window in For Colored Girls. #BelAir” – neither have we


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