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“The thought of him messing with his roommates never crossed my mind as it would have some people because I believe people of the opposite sex can live together and not be involved. It was the fact that he didn’t think it was important…”

Jasmina And Michael MAFS

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A “Married At First Sight” bride is opening up.

As previously reported, Jasmina, 29, is a super stunning early childhood education teacher who was matched with 28-year-old Michael, a family-oriented personal trainer who has tried all the dating apps but with no substantial results.

The two got married as strangers during a ceremony that included EPIC vows that included promises to “always make her husband feel wanted, valued and heard”, a mic drop moment, and Michael glowing while strutting down the aisle with his “Black Barbie” bride.


There have been hiccups, however, including a honeymoon blowup over “aggression” and an alleged non-apology. Moreover, they clashed over a revelation that Michael has not one, but TWO, female roommates which he failed to mention to his wife.

That issue and the others were brought up during a meeting with Pastor Cal.


That might be all water under the bridge this week because the two could be on the mend.  After getting wise words from Cal, the two had a “reset” and enjoyed fellowshipping with friends and family including Michael’s sister who gave Jasmina her “stamp of approval.”


Ahead of tonight’s new episode premiering at 8 on Lifetime, BOSSIP chatted with Jasmina about her dating life before Married At First Sight, her physical “type” and her real thoughts on Michael’s big double-female roommates reveal.

Prior to being matched on Married At First Sight, what was the Boston dating scene like for you? Was there a moment in particular when you knew you wanted help from the experts to find your match?

I think people will be shocked to hear that my relationships have all been long-distance, and no I don’t purposely find people who aren’t in the same state as me it has just happened that way. There were moments where I did meet men in Boston when I was single but realized that they just weren’t looking for anything serious. Most men here that I come across want to have fun before they settle down and I’ve always been a “relationship kind of girl” which I guess scares them away. They want to date to date and I date with the intention of something serious that could lead to marriage. Not always being on the same page with someone was ultimately what pushed me in the direction of the experts. I hoped that the person who was also signing up for this process was ready to be committed and find their person as well.

Prior to #MAFS, how important was physical attraction to you in a potential mate? If you had to describe your physical “type” what would it be?

Of course you’re going to want to be attracted to your partner, most people won’t even give you the time of day if they aren’t attracted to you but physical attraction has never been important to me. When I say that people think that I’m lying but I’m attracted to personality. I’ve dated people who most would not find attractive but the way they treated me and made me feel made them so beautiful to me.

Looks can only take you so far, what else can you offer me? I’ve had men who were fine and treated me the worst, so to me it’s not about what they look like it’s about how they make me feel. Signing up for this process was a bit different because you don’t know anything about them so at least you want to be attracted to them. I told the experts that I would trust in them and make sure that the only thing that mattered to me was the type of person that they were, because attraction can grow from that—and if he looked like Michael B Jordan then that would be a plus! (Laughs) 

MAFS Boston

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

As a child of 9, are your siblings protective of you when it comes to dating? Do you take their advice?

I do come from a big family but I do not have a relationship with all of my siblings. When my parents separated they got married to different people and had their own families so I am not close to some of my siblings unfortunately because I don’t have a relationship with my biological mom. I am close with four of my sisters however but I am the oldest out of them so I’m usually the one who they come to for advice. They don’t have that much experience with relationships but they will always listen to me when I just need someone to talk to. Even though they are younger than me they are very protective of me and my heart and do not have a problem letting my partner know how they feel, they actually do not bite their tongues at all. (Laughs)

How did your siblings react to you wanting to find a mate on Married at First Sight?

I was very open with my family about this process and would not have gone through it if they weren’t going to be in my corner. When you choose to do something like this you’re also choosing to let people in to your life and if they weren’t comfortable with that I would’ve made a decision to not proceed. Telling them that I was thinking about doing this they immediately said “About damn time, finally you’re gonna get a man!” So it’s safe to say that they were happy about it. They want to have nieces and nephews so they couldn’t wait to send me off.

We saw you burst into tears when Pastor Cal told you he find you a husband, what was going through your head?

You guys will see that I cry for everything, I’m a very emotional person. In that moment I just couldn’t believe that that was happening to me. Just hearing the words you’re going to get married even if it was to a stranger made me so happy. When people look at me they think that I have no problem finding a man, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what I look like or what I have to offer somebody if a man is not ready for you he’s just not going to be ready. So I got very emotional because it gave me hope that someone was ready for me.

Ultimately, what attributes were you looking for in a spouse? 

Above all, I want someone who can communicate their needs with me and who I can feel safe with. I find that once I have those things, the relationship naturally falls into place. I am someone who enjoys to have fun while also being self-aware when those more difficult conversations need to happen in order for the relationship to work, so I’d like for my significant other to be able to do the same.

What went through your mind when you found out that Michael had not one but two female roommates, some viewers viewed it as a moment of deception, but he clarified that he meant that he “never lived with a romantic partner.”

When I found out Michael had female roommates I was a little taken aback, not because they were women—but because I didn’t know about it. We had multiple conversations prior to living with someone of the opposite sex and he never thought to mention his current living situation to me. The thought of him messing with his roommates never crossed my mind as it would have some people because I believe people of the opposite sex can live together and not be involved. It was the fact that he didn’t think it was important to tell me. Usually in relationships things like this are talked about in the beginning so you could know if your partner is comfortable with it or not.

We obviously saw some friction between you and your husband on the honeymoon, but was the best moment from the vacation?

The best moments for me were the ones we had off-camera especially eating breakfast in the mornings. It would just be us two talking about things that we weren’t comfortable sharing with the world yet and making jokes about how we have to expand our taste palette because we didn’t know what half of the food they served us was. We both love to eat so we enjoyed trying new things together, and I especially enjoyed watching Michael try it first before I did lol. Those were the moments during the honeymoon that I cherished the most, the ones that we had by ourselves.

Tune in to #MAFS tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.



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