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Detroit rapper Kash Doll has stirred some puzzling skepticism about her real age in the past and now she’s revealing that it’s very intentional.

The “Ice Me Out” hitmaker addressed the hot topic during an interview with Reginae Carter and Kendall Kyndall of ALLBLK’s Social Society. When asked if she would ever reveal her true age, the rapper replied:

“I’m never gonna tell it… and you know what I’m not ashamed. I just think it’s funny because it’s an ongoing thing.”

According to Google, Kash Doll’s real age is 28. The star was allegedly born on March 14, 1992, so presumably, it should be that number, but some fans believe the “Single and Happy” rhymer may be older.

Well…it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting any clarity soon. Kash Doll, did, however, tell the show’s hosts that she wanted to “clear up” one thing.

“I never lied. I didn’t have to lie, I just didn’t tell you…” she continued. “When I said I was 21, I thought people knew I was playing. I wasn’t trying to convince people like I’m really 21. I’m not lying about my age, I just feel like it’s not their business… and at this point, I’m 23!”


Kash Doll sparked online controversy about her age back in 2020 after a fan posted a prom photo of what appeared to be the rapper. The inquisitive fan and other online detectives quickly went to work to reveal the Midwestern artist’s real age, but the star kept revealing a new age every time. 

“I’m 26 b**ch,” she tweeted on one occasion.


Minutes later, she was “29.”

The Republic Records signee stirred the pot again in June, claiming that she was “31” after she partook in a 30 plus age challenge on Twitter.

Eventually, Kash Doll got so fed up with people asking about her age, that she decided to..well… not reveal it at all.


“I say I’m a different age every other week and it always get ya’ll hyped up…[I’m 23.] Well stop asking cause I’m running out of ages. It gets me every time,” she wrote to nosy social media goers.


Well, there you have it! How old do YOU think Kash Doll really is?



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