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Zoë Kravitz Faces Backlash For Shading Will Smith On Instagram

Zoë Kravitz could’ve just sat there and nibbled on her food instead of shading Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock in a spicy series of Instagram captions that immediately sparked backlash across the internet.

For reasons unknown, she posted the questionable captions with pictures of her Oscars looks because she’s, like, so edgy.

In the first of back-to-back posts, she wrote: “here’s a picture of my dress at the award show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now,” the 33-year-old star captioned.

Seemingly ignoring her publicist, she followed up with an even cringier caption: “and here is a picture of my dress at the party after the award show -where we are apparently screaming profanities and assaulting people on stage now”

Fans Dig Up Creepy Comments Zoë Made About Jaden Smith

It didn’t take long for Twitter to dig up receipts of Zoë’s creepy remarks about a then 14-year-old Jaden Smith while they were filming 2013 Sci-Fi Thriller ‘After Earth.’

In resurfaced comments from a 2013 interview with V Magazine, Kravitz (who was in her mid-20s at the time) was quoted as saying: “There were moments that I was hanging out with Jaden and thinking, I can’t believe you’re 14, I have to check myself, like what I say to you.”

Uhhh, and there’s more: “He has so much personality and so much swag, he is so much cooler than I am. And he’s so handsome, I was always like, when you’re older, you know, we’ll hang out…Nope, that’s inappropriate, you’re 14.”

A clip of the two attending a movie premiere in 2014 also resurfaced and immediately picked up steam on Twitter.

In the Extra TV clip, Kravitz can be heard saying: “I dragged him out tonight. This is my date.”

Why celebs keep setting themselves up like this, we may never know, but Twitter has been roasting Zoë for hours just weeks after praising her for stunning as Catwoman in blockbuster smash ‘The Batman.’

How do you feel about Zoë’s comments? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over her shady captions on the flip.

“Zoe Kravitz getting eaten alive and there’s nothing I can do to save her” – nothing at all

“zendaya now that zoë kravitz fumbled and she’s back to being the tl’s number one lightskin” – welppp

“I guess Zoe Kravitz prefers when people get assaulted backstage, like her friend Alexander Wang does it.” – oop!

“tom holland leaking the screenshot of zoe kravitz saying that stuff about jaden smith so his wife could be #1 on the lightskin leaderboard again:” – you know what…

“zoe kravitz after posting that corny caption” – SMH

“zoe kravitz lost all her twitter hype in just 30 minutes” – hate to see it

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“zoe kravitz after posting that corny a** caption” – she thought she ate

“They way Zoe Kravitz spoke out and now her daddy getting dragged too just because. I’m in tears. The internet said “it’s a parent teacher conference now, since you wanna be cute” – whew

“cannot believe y’all were just sitting on all of these zoe kravitz receipts” – hmmm



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