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The Kardashian Jenner family is gearing up to face off Blac Chyna in court as the influencer assures the world that she doesn’t JUST mother her children on Sundays.

The model and former dancer has filed another whopping lawsuit against the reality TV stars, and now she’s seeking economic damages. Chyna claims that the family spread lies about her seemingly tumultuous relationship with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian, claiming that she physically abused him during their relationship.

Tensions are still lingering between the E! network icons and Chyna following Rob’s 2017 assault and battery lawsuit, where the camera-shy celeb sued Chy for allegedly choking him with a phone cord during a heated argument while they were at Kylie Jenner’s home. In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Rob claimed that Chyna caused “extensive damage to Jenner’s home,” during the altercation, which his sister said, “was in excess of $100,000.” However, back in February, the star dropped the lawsuit for the sake of their 5-year-old daughter Dream.

Chyna, 33, has denied the allegations of abuse, and now, she claims that the family’s alleged rumors are the reason her 2016 reality TV show, Rob & Chyna was canned by E! executives.

The influencer’s suit also notes that the cancelation caused her to lose out on $1 million paychecks that would have been issued per season in addition to “other lucrative deals,” RadarOnline noted.  She wants the family to pay up $100 million in economic damages for the lost cash, but the Kardashian Jenner clan isn’t backing down without a good legal fight.

The family called the hefty suit “absurd” noting how the mother of two is also seeking “upwards of another $200 million in general and punitive damages.”

In their motion, Kim, Kris, and the Jenner sisters argued that Chyna’s “astronomical figure” was “based on allegations regarding two text messages and two private emails” that were “entirely unsupported” due to insufficient evidence.  The family also raised concerns over Chyna’s failure to disclose her complete financial records, although currently, they are trying to block information about their massive wealth from being used in testimony during the trial.

…and that’s only the FIRST PART of the case.

Chyna Claps Back At Rob Kardashian’s Child Custody Claims

Chyna will also stand off against Rob, AGAIN, during another trial connected to the suit. She accused her ex of allegedly posting explicit photos of her online to his followers without her consent. The move comes almost a week after the two exchanged words over social media after Chyna claimed she did not receive child support from Rob or her ex-Tyga. The star said in a since-deleted tweet that she had to sell 3 cars to make ends meet. Tyga and Rob barked back at Chyna, noting how they pay $40,000 and $37,000 respectively for their children’s school. Both fathers argued that they had custody of their children 5-6 days a week, asking the model why they would need to dole out further child support payments given their current financial setup. 

The internet lit up with a ton of discourse around Chyna’s money woes, arguing that she was not entitled to extra financial support because, according to Tyga and Rob, the children were only with her 1 day out of the week on Sundays, allegedly.

 However, The Neighborhood Talk posted a 2020 article that resurfaced from E! News which appeared to show that the former pair shared joint custody.

Chyna seemed to agree with the post as the Only Fans entrepreneur wrote, “facts” in the comment sections.

We know! This is A LOT…..


The Chyna vs. Kardashian trial is reportedly set to begin on April 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Who do you think has a good chance of winning?





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