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Some of you may remember the reporting we did on the death of Ronald Greene in Monroe, Louisiana back in 2019. The unarmed Greene was being placed under arrest following a high-speed chase. During the arrest, Louisiana Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth brutally beat him and dragged him until his body went limp. Despite their egregious level of violence, the dirty a** pigs told the public and Greene’s family that he died in a car accident and the department refused to release the body camera footage. As you might imagine, the s**t hit the fan once that footage was finally made public.

What makes this story even wilder is that Hollingsworth actually died himself in a car accident just a week after being told that he was being fired. The decision to let him go came on the heels of an internal investigation that poked huge holes in Hollingsworth’s library of lies about what really happened the night he killed Ronald Greene. Either Karma had some horsepower for him or he did this on purpose to avoid the consequences of his actions. Either way, the grieving family is still very angry.



According to the Atlanta Black Star, new audio reveals that Hollingsworth actually bragged about how savagely he beat Greene on the night in question.

“I beat the ever-living f— out of him, choked him and everything else trying to get him under control,” Hollingsworth said with his uniform dappled with Greene’s blood. “All of a sudden he just went limp. … I thought he was dead.”

The audio also shows that Hollingworth told investigators during an interview 16 months after the incident that he was “scared” and “portrayed himself as a victim.”

“I was scared,” Hollingsworth during the two-hour recorded interrogation interview made public by The Associated Press. “He could have done anything once my hold was broke off him — and that’s why I struck him.” […] I wasn’t trying to use deadly force against him, I only wanted to free my arm.”





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