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Yikes! Don’t hold your breath if you’re still looking for the reunion episode from Joesline’s Cabaret to air on the Zeus Network. That special might not see the light of day except for a courtroom. According to TMZ, several dancers who starred on the show filed a $25 million lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez and Ballistic Beats for an alleged brutal backstage beatdown at the season 2 reunion.

There are reality show fights with a bit of drink throwing and hair-pulling, but then there’s what Joseline was accused of doing to these dancers. Based on the lawsuit, Amber Ali’s complaints that Joseline and Ballistic assaulted her were just the tip of the iceberg. The cast members claim they arrived dressed to impress in heels for the taping, but Joseline was already prepared to ambush them in the hard-bottom boots Amber initially described.

Ali took to Instagram Live saying, “I only came to the hospital because my ribs are very bruised because Joseline had some big a** boots on and she kicked me.” In addition to severely bruised ribs, she revealed that, “Ballistic just ripped my hair off my head. He ripped my real hair out, we gon handle this in court.”

In typical Joseline fashion, she responded to the assault allegations by bragging online about the same attacks the four plaintiffs describe in the court documents.

“Keep crying from your hospital bed with your broken ribs. One kick you flew into next day. Rotten mouth a** h*e. And for you dumb b*tches when you sign up for a reality show you CANNOT file a lawsuit against anyone on the show,” Joseline wrote. “You dummies.”

Well… that last part is up to a judge to decide now.

“I mortal kombat one h*e, pimp slapped another one. Pushed one into last night’s episode. Kicked down a few on the ground. I slapped fire out of everyone on that stage. Me n my crew wait for it,” she tweeted.

Whatever was in those contracts must the TV star feeling like Teflon to flex like this! According to court documents, she kept yelling out the name of her crew, “Gucci gang.” She also shouted them out on Twitter on a picture of three sets of boots they allegedly wore during the attack with laughing emojis and “Gucci gang” in the caption.

One thing Joseline missed in her unhinged thread was Lexi’s claims that security held the dancers back during the ambush so they couldn’t fight back against Joseline and her crew.

“Security wanna hold everybody…hold them back and let [Joseline & Balistic] get their licks in. So all that sh*t that Joseline is talking about, how she kicked this b*****…that’s only because she only had security behind her.”

In addition to all of this going down on the set of the actual reunion, the claims that security was in on the attack are why Zeus Network is also on the hook for the $25 million lawsuit. Maybe that’s why fans of the show said the network was trying to upcharge for the reunion despite missing the originally scheduled air date.

Joseline and her team have not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit, but it’s just a matter of time before we hear all about the pummelling from the Puerto Rican Princess herself.


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