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Have y’all been keeping up with this season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition?’

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition

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We’ve had lots of questions about this season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’, so we reached out to one of our favorites on the show Gangsta Boo, to get a little insight.

The veteran emcee from Memphis, Tennessee opened up to BOSSIP about her first reality TV experience on the hit WeTV show.

“The opportunity was there, so I jumped on it,” Gangsta Boo told BOSSIP. “I’m a fan of the show.”

And while Boo says she and her boyfriend Emmet believed their relationship could benefit from boot camp — a lot of people were in the dark about her interracial relationship before the show.

“I didn’t know people were surprised,” Gangsta Boo told BOSSIP about some of the shocked reactions viewers had to seeing her dating a white guy. “I think because I’ve been private with my personal life for so long, people were like ‘Oh sh*t!’ But I think it would be an ‘oh sh*t!’ regardless.”

“It could be a Black dude, it could be purple dude, it could be a pink dude,” Boo continued. ” I think people are just shocked because they don’t see me much. People probably haven’t seen me be vulnerable either so I think people are just shocked in general.”

Speaking of vulnerability, during last week’s episode, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler made a point of trying to get Emmet and Boo to stop playing nice and put all of their cards on the table so that Dr. Ish could make a true assessment of how to improve their relationship.

“We were trying not to make fools out of ourselves on TV,” Boo told BOSSIP when we asked about the experts’ accusation they haven’t been open enough about their issues.


“We kept it real though,” she assured us.

We also had to ask Boo about falling asleep during Boot Camp Court on the very first episode of the season.

“I was really exhausted,” Gangsta Boo told BOSSIP. “It’s not like I really fell asleep. I kinda dozed off for like three seconds and they made it seem like I was asleep for an hour.  I was exhausted and we were there for a long time. The way they edited it you can’t tell though. People were talking about their relationships for a long time. ”

“I’m not the person that can be on jury duty and listen to cases,” Gangsta Boo explained. “I will doze off. I doze off at church. I doze off at court. Especially if I’m tired. It was quick though. You know when you drop your head and you nod off, you wake up like, ‘Oh I was asleep.'”

Gangsta Boo isn’t the only Boot Camper from Tennessee, she’s on the show this season with K. Michelle, who also hails from the Southern state, and thanks to their musical roots the pair have known each other for years. During one of the episodes, things got heated and K. appears to be hiding from Boo, but when we asked Boo if the two have resolved their issues, she told BOSSIP that there was never a fight to begin with.

“There wasn’t any argument,” Gangsta Boo told BOSSIP. “The way they edited that was weird as well. We were actually having a full conversation while she was hiding. Why she was hiding I don’t know about that, that’s just Kim. But also stay tuned and watch the real argument go down that had nothing to do with me.”

Gangsta Boo went on to explain that she does her best to keep the peace because she’d rather avoid losing her temper.

“I don’t argue with folks because my temper is a lot,” Boo explained. “My voice is deep so it might look like I was arguing or being aggressive or something but I wasn’t. And with her hiding.  That’s just Kim. I was just like, ‘This girl crazy.’ And not a negative way crazy. That’s just her. She does what she feels is best for her to look a certain way on TV and it’s all good.”

On a more positive note, we asked Boo to share some of her favorite highlights from boot camp.

“So far the highlight was the dance challenge scene,” Boo told BOSSIP. “I said ‘Emmet has two left foots’ and he said, ‘Foots?’ and I said, ‘Feet,’ and he said, ‘Who taught you how to spoke?'”

Funny stuff right?

We told Boo her and Emmet rapping was probably our favorite highlight of them.

“The raps were definitely cute,” Boo agreed. “I got a few highlights.”

For a lot of folks watching ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,’ one of the most popular Emmet and Boo highlights came when Emmet was bonding with the guys in the hot tub and Boo came and asked him to spend time with her instead.

“Watching it, I can see how it would look, but it wasn’t that I wasn’t having fun,” Boo explained to BOSSIP. “I wanted him to have fun. But I also want us to kind of chill too because we’re around them all the time. It was just like, ‘come over here’.”

Fair enough! She just wanted to spend time with her man, can you blame her?

We had to ask Boo how she and Emmet have been applying what they learned at Boot Camp to their regular lives.

“I think honestly watching it back is bringing a lot of new stuff to the forefront,” Gangsta Boo told Bossip. “That’s the real part. When you watch it back because you can see everything from the outside looking in. You learn things but you definitely have to apply them.”

As for how things are going with Boo and Emmet’s family, she would only tell us, “You’ve got to stay tuned and watch and see how everything plays out.”

For fans of Gangsta Boo’s music, she currently has a song out called “Sucka Free,” produced by Drumma Boy and she’s currently at work on her next album ‘The Boo Print’.

“I be on the “Boo” camp, I be on the “Boo” levard, everything is Boo,” Gangsta Boo laughed.


Watch Gansta Boo and Emmet on the new episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” tonight at 9/8c on WeTV! Stream new episodes every Monday on ALLBLK!



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