Weekly Horoscopes For Week Of May 1

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of May 1

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A streak of luck wants to enter your world starting this week however it appears that you are ignoring the red flags that your intuition is throwing up in your face. Your ego wants a particular relationship to work out but your intelligence and your heart already know that you and this person are not in alignment. Meditate about it all and then let go as swiftly and gently as possible.

Red Flag: The more you hold onto a situation that you need to let go, the longer you slow down the blessings en route.

Sweet Spot: Check your circle of friends. If they do not represent the affluence that you deeply desire – gather a new tribe.

Have a great week guys!


Zya Moses AKA Psychic Zya

Source: Courtesy / Psychic Zya

Zya is a globally recognized, professionally trained Psychic Medium who currently resides in Miami. You can book a session with her at PSYCHICZYA.com


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