Weekly Horoscopes For Week Of May 1

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of May 1

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If you’ve experienced loss lately in the areas of romance or finance know that it’s for your highest good. You’re in a time of shedding this birthday season and as Taurus’ tend to hold on way too long to people, situations and objects that have outgrown their use – you’re being rudely pushed to new heights. Don’t waste your time grieving what was or could have been – instead focus on your own healing — by identifying your values, childhood wounds and attachment styles. PS: All Tauruses and those with prominent placement in Taurus (Moon, Venus, Rising, Mars) should be incorporating wealth and love rituals into their routines all birthday season long.

Red Flag: Many of you need to step into your vulnerability in order to secure or move forward a current or future romantic partnership. Start with heart chakra meditations and a breathwork practice.

Sweet Spot: During this period of rapid transformation, take into account the truth of your monetary needs and habits.

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