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We KNOW that’s not who we think it is…


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A lot of you might have seen the viral video that shows ex-NFL player Brendan Langley beating the frequent flyer points out of a United Airlines employee who keeps coming back for more despite clearly being unable to get the upper hand (or any hands at all, really) in this fight.

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Now, first off, it’s unclear how this one-sided airport brawl even started. It’s also unclear who got physical first. A lot of people have seen the version of the video that begins with the airline employee slapping Langley and Langley appearing to plead with airline staff to take notice of it before he has to defend himself.

Then there’s a longer video that shows what happened before the slap, and that video makes it a little more ambiguous about what actually happened and who really hit who first.


According to TMZ, Langley was arrested and charged with simple assault and the airline employee was fired. This, of course, has a lot of people wondering why only one person who engaged in the fight was arrested. I mean, regardless of who started the physical altercation, the employee is absolutely seen slapping Langley after it had paused.

Then there’s another question; who the hell asked Alec Baldwin what he thought about this?

Alec Baldwin Weighs In On The Brendan Langley Video

TheShadeRoom reported that Baldwin shared his thoughts on the fight and, without knowing any prior context, decided that the whole thing was 100 percent Langley’s fault.

“The guy working at the airport is the victim,” Baldwin said. “He came to work to do a job. The other guy, with his big mouth, is guilty of workplace abuse, where people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility. This a**hole who hit this guy should be put on a no-fly list.”

First of all, if there were ever a person who should be keeping literally everything in the drafts for the foreseeable, it’s Alec Baldwin. I’m not saying he intentionally shot and killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of one of his films, I’m just saying someone died from a prop gun he was holding, it became a big story and controversy and when that happens, ya’ might want to lay low for a spell.

But the issue goes beyond Baldwin throwing stones (or prop bullets) in glass houses. The real question is, how TF would Bladwin know who was more at fault here? How does he know that the employee is the “victim” and the Black guy’s “big mouth” is what prompted the altercation? (If you didn’t hear the dog-whistling in the “big mouth” comment, I don’t know what to tell you.)

Even if it was “workplace abuse”—which Bladwin has no basis for saying definitively that it was—the employee clearly kept coming back for more despite the fact that this was the most “Debo vs. Red,” “Vera vs. Quick,” “Tyler Durden vs. his damn self” fight ever likely to be seen in an airport. 

Baldwin is loud and wrong, and even if he wasn’t, he would still be better off keeping his trap shut.

The caucasity, I tell ya.


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