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We’re extra excited about the new episode of ‘Commit or Quit’.

Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler

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We’re just hours away from a brand new episode of ‘Commit or Quit’ and we’re so excited because this is actually an Atlanta couple we know AND LOVE! Our friend Shyneka, who is an accomplished radio personality and her boo Correy are featured on the new episode of ‘Commit or Quit’ and we had a chance to talk to them ahead of the episode.

“We met back in 1999 through my Mom,” Shyneka told BOSSIP. “My mom gave him my phone number, which horrified me, but when I met him I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, I had started my radio career and was really focused on that. We played tag over the years, he ended up moving back to North Carolina, where he’s from and we would see each other sometimes. One time he showed up at a club I was at when I had a whole fiancé at that time and I introduced them to each other and sat them by each other and went on my way.”

“She was a little player back in the day,” Correy interjected. “But she had a lot of guts to put her trust in her mom and give me a chance.”

While Shyneka says she remembers Correy as always being cool, because of her busy schedule things between them did not initially take off. Correy went on to father fraternal twins (who turn 13 this week) from another relationship. Ultimately Shyneka says it was social media that brought them back together.

“He saw me on social media and he slid in my DM’s,” Shyneka remembers.

“Yes Ma’am!” Correy laughed.

At the time, Shyneka says she was in the car with her best friend Eva Marcille, who told her to invite Correy to join them along with her husband Mike Sterling for a night out at Top Golf. While Shyneka initially balked at the idea of asking a man out, she gave in to Eva’s idea, deciding that while she really wasn’t looking to date she was open to a friendship.

“I basically hit the lottery that day,” Correy told BOSSIP.

To make matters even more complicated, Shyneka hadn’t told Correy that her friend “E” was actress and model Eva Marcille, making Correy, who was an hour late after having to drive an hour from South Atlanta to Alpharetta, even more nervous about his opportunity to reconnect.

“He was already nervous but when he walked into Top Golf and discovered I was with Eva, he was more nervous,” Shyneka laughs. “We’ve been together literally since that date at Top Golf.

“Lights, parking lot, they closed the club down on us, we were still out there,” Correy recalls.

The couple says after friends approached them to be on ‘Commit or Quit,’ they were initially opposed to doing the reality show.

“When they asked us to do it he was like, ‘I ain’t trying to be in no drama with you, we don’t have no issues, I mean you got this that and the third,'” Shyneka told BOSSIP. “And I said, ‘Well you have this that and the third!’ So it was like well guess we do have some issues.”

“Help me please, please help me!” Correy joked.

And help them — Judge Lynn Toler did! We have an exclusive sneak preview clip from their episode to share with y’all.

In the clip below, Judge Lynn Toler meets with Correy to find out if there’s any issues that he thinks Shyneka should know about before they say their I Do’s and unfortunately it turns out that Correy has a BIG secret he’s been keeping for the last year! Judge Toler learns that something from Correy’s past has come up and he hasn’t known how to tell Shyneka until now.

Check out the clip below:


WOW. What would you do if you were Correy? Or maybe the better question is, how would you react if you were Shyneka?

Here’s a brief synopsis of the episode:

Days before Shyneka & Correy’s wedding, Correy drops a bombshell that may derail their big day. Only Judge Toler can decide if they’re ready to walk down the aisle or call it quits for good.

This is gonna be a good one.

The new episode of ‘Commit Or Quit with Judge Toler’ airs TONIGHT Thursday, June 24 at 10 PM ET / 9 PM CT on WeTV.

Will you be watching?


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