Katori Hall Addresses Backlash Over Southern Accents On 'P-Valley'

‘P-Valley’ Creator/Showrunner Katori Hall Addresses Backlash Over Her Show’s Southern ‘Slanguage,’ Leaves Fans Flabbergasted

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Fair or Foul?

From The Stage To The Strip Club: A Conversation On P-VALLEY - 2022 Tribeca Festival

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After shattering records with its comeback episode, ‘P-Valley’ has stirred up backlash over a spooky hoodoo scene, explicit sex scene between masculine male characters, and the characters’ exaggerated southern twangs that creator/showrunner Katori Hall swooped in to defend in a lengthy thread on Twitter.

“A THREAD: #PVALLEY “ACCENTS” – The “slanguage” of the show continues to irk many of the #PynkPosse esp from Da Sip calling it “too country” or “slave talk.” I think we should kiki as I know fa’ sho’ we don’t speak like slaves👇🏿, but the descendants of them”

Set in the fictional town of Chucalissa, Mississippi, the provocative show prides itself on authenticism that some say falls short based on constant criticism from southerners across social media.

Now, to be fair, the show is fictional which gives Katori the freedom to build her own universe with its own unique dialect but it’s also jarring when characters are embroiled in triggering situations that mirror the real world.

At this point, public figures should know that responding to backlash by doubling down on their controversial stance only makes the situation worse but that’s exactly what Katori did.

Whether she actually takes the criticism into consideration and makes changes remains to be seen, but Season 2 doesn’t appear to be as well-received as Katori envisioned when she crafted the script.

“So as we talk bout #PValley “ACCENTS” make sure 2 use the word DIALECT,” she added without any signs of backing down. “For those asking for the way the characters to speak change, the speech pattern was an intentional artistic choice established in the pilot, just like the choreo, costumes, characters, etc. #ItArt




Do you think Katori needs to ‘fix’ the accents on ‘P-Valley?’ Or are people overreacting?


You can read her full tweet thread on the show’s slanguage HERE. 

Tell us down below and peep the Twitter backlash over the ‘P-Valley’ accents on the flip.

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