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“A lie spreads faster than the truth, everybody got something to say but now it’s my turn”, singer Omarion states in the opening of his new docuseries.

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Just weeks after an absolutely fascinating Verzuz battle against R&B solo crooner Mario that garnered over 5 Million viewers worldwide, B2K frontman Omari Grandberry has recently announced that he is releasing a 5-part docuseries titled “Omega: the Gift & The Curse.”


The docuseries which is set to be released on July 21st is summarized on his website as a; “5-part docu-series that gives fans an exclusive look on what it’s like to succeed, transition, rebuild, and evolve into your own man”

The description adds that; “Omarion gives unprecedented access into his private life and solo career.”

The film appears to chronicle Omarion reuniting with bandmates “Lil’ Fizz” Frédéric, Jarell “J-boog” Houston, and De’Mario “Raz-B” Thornton, for the 2019 Millennium Tour.

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The trailer for the docuseries, posted on Omarion’s official Instagram features a montage of clips that would make any B2K fan clutch their pearls and hang on the edge of their seat. The group of former teenage heartthrobs is followed by cameras as the tour begins and fortunately, they continued rolling as things begin to spiral downhill. Highlighted in the 3-minute trailer are moments such as Raz-B’s being removed from the tour and when Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s two children, A’mei Kazuko 6, and Megaa Omari 7, shocked fans by opting to be Lil Fizz’s Girlfriend.

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B2K Bump Bump Bumps up the drama as they are filmed repeatedly in various states of frustration with one another cussing, shouting, and acting a fool. Even the “unbothered” Omarion appears to be pretty ruffled and in one clip seems to be just moment’s from a physical altercation.

Amid the drama, however, we see electrifying moments from the show including the group popping out from beneath the stage floor and pop-locking to their hit single “Uh Huh.”

Millennial women in the crowds dawned 2000’s inspired outfits are seen crying, singing, and screaming for their favorite group member. The clip closes with the lead singer saying troubledly “when it stops being fun, I’m out.”

In a description for the docuseries Omarion noted that he’s felt “misunderstood and manipulated” and he gave his own personal description of what “unbothered” really means.


Omarion Took A Stab At B2K After Their Verzuz Shade, Lil Fizz Calls Omarion ‘Lame’ In Recent InstaStory

Although Omarion was known as Mr. Unbothered after he chose silence about his baby mama drama, his Verzuz battle with Mario gave fans a better glimpse at the man behind the burning sage. As previously reported following the battle, each member of B2K posted the same clip from The Temptations (a mini-series chronically the rise and fall of Motown’s hit group by the same name). In the clip, the remaining members of The Temptations watch on as frontman David Ruffin unleashes insults on them after being officially fired. J-boog, Raz-B, and Lil Fizz each captioned the video “@Omarion “you got served.” 

Omari responded and dubbed the trio his “background dancers” while adding that “UPS is hiring.”

Most recently, Lil Fizz sent some shade his ex bandmate’s way. After Omarion sent a message about never letting “lame s*** make you do lame s***”, Fizz responded by saying; “If the shoe fit buy two pair. Lame a** n***a.”



We’ll be tuned in to Omarion’s docuseries for the nostalgia, the tea, and apparently the drama.


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