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Cropped view of police officer's belt

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There are a whole lot of cops who should not be walking around society with a gun and a badge. We’ve seen it time and time again but unfortunately, the police departments seem to WANT these types of officers on their force. They want “shoot first, ask questions last” people and will do little to nothing to administer proper punishment when they blantantly violate their oath. Here’s another shining example…

San Bernardino Police Fatally Shoot Black Man In The Back

A 23-year-old Black man was shot dead by the San Bernardino police officers on Saturday afternoon while attempting to break up an illegal gambling operation according to CBSNews. Robert Adams was serving as unlicensed security for the ring when two officers hopped out of their unmarked car with guns already drawn. As Adams fled the scene, security camera footage shows the trigger-happy ham boys opening fire on him, shooting him in the back several times.

Adams’ family says that neither officer identified themselves as law enforcement officers and never gave their son a chance to comply with official orders. Within 15 seconds of their initial encounter, the fatal shots were fired. Not to mention, he was running AWAY from them!

“I could understand if he was a threat to them,” said Adams’ mother Tamika Deavila King. “But he was not a threat to them. He was running for his life.”

This is incredibly sad and the family is demanding accountability.

“The boy ran,” said the victim’s stepfather Audwin King. “[The officer] hunted him down like a dog. If [Adams] still had some life in him, the [the officer] probably would’ve finished the clip. So, when do we have justice for that?”

Let the cops tell it, Adams had a gun and they recovered a weapon on the scene and released a still photo allegedly showing him holding a 9mm Taurus G3C. There is no sign that he threatened the police with the weapon or pointed it in their direction.



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