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Pro-Christopher Dorner Protest

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We been knew that cops weren’t s#!t. We been knew that they will brutalize and kill people without blinking then lie on the victim to justify their bloodlust. We ALL been knew this. However, if for some reason you need more proof then this story should serve its purpose.

According to CNN, an unidentified San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy was caught on camera brutally abusing a 33-year-old Black man named Willie Jones. Prior to the incident, Jones took police on a high-speed chase on both highways and city streets after refusing to pull over for a traffic stop while riding his motorcycle and “narrowly missing several head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles.”  The sheriff’s deputy finally caught up with Jones at a car dealership after he ditched his bike and what happens next is something, sadly, that we’ve seen a thousand times…

Video surveillance from a nearby business revealed the harrowing incident. As Jones begins to lay face down on the ground to surrender to authorities, a deputy walks up to him and kicks him in the head twice before a few more officers approach the scene to handcuff and escort Jones away.


CNN noted that Willie Jones was provided with medical care before he was booked on “suspicion of felony evading with disregard for public safety.” He was later released on bail.

All police brutality is out of pocket but this is particularly egregious because you can actually register the level of hate and venom that this porky pig has for a Black man who isn’t a threat, has fully surrendered, and has literally prostrated himself before his authority. Yet and still, Deputy Haram felt the need to exact “revenge.” This is no doubt the attitude of a great many police officers when they are forced to actually do their jobs.

Sheriff John McMahon released a statement on behalf of the department:

“A full investigation is underway, and the involved deputy has been placed on Administrative Leave while detectives from our Specialized Investigations Division complete their investigation into the use of force. Once the investigation is completed, it will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for their review.”
We hope ol’ Willie Jones sues the HELL out of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office.


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