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Fat Joe is sounding off on Irv Gotti’s loose lips following THAT gossipy podcast conversation.

VERZUZ: Fat Joe Vs Ja Rule

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The “Lean Back” rapper recently addressed the Murder Inc. executive’s appearance on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast and labeled him a “sucker.”

“Irv Gotti is a sucker, he’s a sucker,” said Joe during an Instagram Live.

Joe’s comments were of course in response to Irv Gotti promoting the “The Murder Inc Story” documentary on Drink Champs while airing out details of an alleged romantic relationship with Ashanti. The appearance has since spurned a reunited Nelly and Ashanti concert appearance and a plethora of “chatty patty” allegations from fans.

Fat Joe Thinks Irv Gotti Is “Making Himself Look Crazy”

According to Fat Joe who’s had a working relationship with Ashanti thanks to their 2002 cult-classic single “What’s Luv?”, Irv Gotti’s comments are in poor taste.

In his rant, Joey blasted Irv’s emotional account of finding out that Ashanti was dating Nelly, despite Irv being very much so married at the time.

“Whatever Irv had with issue, it’s 20 years old. I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him, in his heart and soul” said Fat Joe. “BUT when you keep ranting about someone twenty years later, it felt like he was not over the young lady.”

The Bronx-born rapper added that he’d heard rumors about Ashanti and Irv but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

“Also we didn’t know that they was f****g” said Joe. “The whole time, I’m there ‘What’s’ Luv,?’, Big Pun record, on tour… I’ve never seen them together like that! I’m not saying they wasn’t—they was, I’ve never seen it, but I [also] don’t need to know. I don’t need to know!” he exclaimed.

He then went on to say that he understands this topic coming up in the documentary but says the Irv going to Drink Champs and calling Ashanti out of her name is just “too much.”

He also slid in a quick dig at Ja Rule for “not saying a word” during Irv’s unnecessary unbosoming considering that Ja and Ashanti have long regarded each other as brother and sister.

 “I’m not the guy to stand up for Ashanti, the brother—Ja Rule was standing right next to him.”

BET Series

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Ultimately Joe called Irv a “genius” for his music industry accomplishments but added that he’s “making himself look crazy” by speaking on his alleged intimate relationship with the singer. 



Ja Rule Responds To Fat Joe, Says He Wants To Be Left Out Of It

Ja Rule responded to his “New York” song mate in a comment left on Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram page. According to Ja Rule, he did nothing wrong and he just wants to be left out of “grown folks’ business.”

“STOP saying I didn’t defend sis and all women when I clearly told Gotti stop calling Ashanti/women the B word same way I told Joe at Verzuz. watch the interview before you talk s***… NOW LEAVE ME TF OUT THESE GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS… (heart emoji)”


Too bad fans aren’t buying that explanation, Ja.

Irv Gotti Says That Fat Joe Isn’t His Friend

Irv Gotti isn’t feeling Joe’s criticism and he’s claiming that the Terror Squad rapper “fooled him.”

“I feel like he fooled me, he’s not my friend,” said Irv Gotti to 97.9 The Box’s “Good Morning H-Town” Morning Show. “But in life you get fooled. In life, everyone goes through friends, in life I’ve had countless friends come and go. But you know what remains consistent? My family. I don’t really need friends.”


What do YOU think about Fat Joe calling out Irv Gotti and Ja Rule???


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